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Sunday: January 31

Published: 12:03PM Thursday January 28, 2016


The odds were stacked against Aucklander Alex Gilbert. 

Abandoned as a baby in Russia, he was picked out by Kiwi strangers and offered a new life in a new land. 

He grew up in Northland where he wanted for nothing.  But his life-long dream was to meet his birth parents in Russia. He never imagined the consequences –joy, heart-break, celebrity – five million Russians watching his story -  and as luck would have it, finding true love.

 Reporter: Janet McIntyre

Producer: Carolyne Meng-Yee

Camera: Cameron Williams, Ken Dorman

Editor: Paul Anderson



Will Google be driving you soon? 

We meet the Kiwi behind the Google car who is working to make driverless cars fail-safe.

New Zealander Dave Ferguson  says driverless cars like Google’s car will be here soon and they really will save millions of lives on our roads.


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