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To hell and Tabak

Published: 6:45PM Friday July 16, 2010 Source: Sunday

TO HELL AND TABAK - He is one of our greatest ever sportsmen and you've probably never heard of him. But for two decades Tino Tabak was the only name that counted in NZ cycling.

He was a winning machine that didn't do second and he did whatever it too to be first &.including the drugs. A driven man, an arrogant man &but always a winner.

PRODUCERS - Julian Sartorio, Steve Butler
CAMERA - Leander Scott-Donelan
EDITOR - Jane Horrell

WHAT'S UP WITH THE WEATHER? - In the wake of "Climategate" we enter the very polarised world of climate science. As scepticism about global warming grows it's back to the basics to see what we really know about the weather and how will it affect us?

Are those banging on about global warming deliberately trying to 'con' the public or is it really the greatest threat to the future of our world.

ANGELINA - a sit down with Angelina Jolie...a chat about her new movie, parenthood, her mother, Brad, her makes the best bacon and eggs and the man she hates vehemently.

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