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Hardliner: Garth McVicar

Published: 7:07PM Wednesday October 14, 2009 Source: Sunday

The Sensible Sentencing Trust... what is sensible? Chain gangs, capital punishment, life meaning life? The Trust's Garth McVicar is a one man juggernaut, the relentless crusader for victims of crime. He attracts a huge following, tens of thousands of paid-up disciples who want a hardline on hardcore crims. McVicar says New Zealand has become too soft, too PC. But McVicar is coming under fire. Critics say he is too hardline, and is not good for the country. Garth McVicar - voice of reason or redneck?

There's only one way she knew how to live - on the edge and it almost killed her. Margaret Moth is one of the most famous TV news camera operators in the world and she's one of us, a Kiwi. She survived wars around the world, she lost half her face to a sniper's bullet in Sarajevo - and still went back to work on the front line. She is indomitable, considered brave even by brave people. Now she is facing her biggest battle, breast cancer, terminal cancer. We celebrate a special life.

Hunger For The Wild star Al Brown is doing new things. He has a new TV series called Coasters about people on the coast, what they do on the coast and what they eat on the coast. We are with Al on the coast. And he's written a book about his life long passion for fishing and how recreational fishermen have to start thinking smarter, valuing what's in our waterways and oceans before things start running out.

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