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Sunday: February 16

Published: 4:56PM Wednesday February 12, 2014 Source: Sunday

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    Source: TVNZ

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Does your teenager spend a lot of time in their bedroom with the door shut?
Are they withdrawn? Do you find it hard to talk to them?
It could be a warning that your child needs help on one of our nation's biggest teen problems...loneliness.
So what do we do about it? 'SUNDAY' has expert advice to parents and teenagers on how to tackle this social pain that is more common and serious than many of us realise.

Reporter: Ian Sinclair
Producers: Julia Sartorio & Chris Cooke
Cameras: Ken Dorman, Clint Bruce & David Pierce
Editor: Will Kong


Tourettes is a fascinating neurological condition usually characterised by inappropriate language and physical movements known as Tics. Here in NZ we have thousands of sufferers, surprisingly, the majority are diagnosed as children. Sunday meets kids, and their families, who are keen to show us what it's like to live with Tourettes. A warning however, offensive language is part of the condition. Discretion is advised.

Reporter: Charlotte Purdy
Camera: Dave Pierce
Editor: Will Kong

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