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Sunday: February 10

Published: 7:29AM Wednesday February 06, 2013 Source: ONE News

Running on empty
Health and fitness obsessed Kiwi women could be wrecking their chances of having a family.
The message is to go hard, get fit and strive for the body beautiful. But could there be a huge personal cost when women take it too far?
SUNDAY examines the dangers surrounding obsessive, rigorous exercise - like infertility, crumbling bones and early menopause - a devastating cocktail of health problems that can occur when exercise is combined with poor nutrition and stress. Experts say these problems are being ignored by women, and are going unrecognised by health professionals.
Correspondent: Libby Middlebrook
Producer: Louisa Cleave
Camera: Dave Pierce & Clint Bruce
Editor: Belinda Trott

Meatworks maestro
Who would ever have thought the big guy who sang to his mates on the floor at the Ashburton freezing works would one day be wowing the opera world from London to New York. Simon O"Neill - hardly a household name at home - is one of the biggest opera stars in the world. His performances command thousands of dollars a seat. He studied under Pavarotti and sang with Domingo - the biggest names in the business.
Simon talks exclusively to SUNDAY about his extraordinary life story.
Correspondent: Ian Sinclair
Producer: Steve Butler
Camera: Ken Dorman
Editor: Will Kong

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