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Sun March 22: Shop right

Published: 12:09PM Friday March 20, 2009 Source: Sunday

Petrol is plummeting, so is your mortgage. So why not the cost of food? Last year it went up 8%... and there's no relief in sight at the checkout. Sunday investigates the supermarket industry and gets valuable advice on how to save thousands of dollars on your grocery bill.

Check out the  Destitute Gourmet website for tips on feeding your family at a cost you can afford.

Stolen and sold
The insidious trafficking of children. They are stolen off the streets of India, sold to orphanages who then adopt them offshore to unsuspecting parents. This investigation shows that dozens of Australian families are oblivious to the true background of their adopted youngsters. We follow one Australian couple who after hearing suspicious reports about Indian orphanages, set out to find the children's birth mother - a shocking but inspirational story of courage.

Surfer girl
She's blond, blue-eyed, bubbly and a champion. Paige Hareb could have been a skier, a gun soccer player, basketballer or champion tennis player. But she chose surfing and now they talk of Paige Hareb and world champions in the same breath. She's muscled in on a sport dominated by blokes and seems headed for greatness...

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