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Chatting with Jesus in La La Land


By John Hudson

Published: 2:28PM Thursday May 23, 2013 Source: Sunday

  • Mary Luck and AJ Miller talk to Sunday correspondent John Hudson (Source: Sunday)
    Mary Luck and AJ Miller talk to Sunday correspondent John Hudson - Source: Sunday

Their followers told me it would be the most important story I'll ever do - an interview with none other than Jesus and his "soul mate" Mary Magdalene, reincarnated and living in rural Queensland.

Well I have to admit it was certainly one of the weirdest conversations I've had.

There on an Aussie bush block we talked for two hours about life in the first century, where Jesus ( AJ Miller is his 21st century name) "remembers" the Bible getting it wrong and how he and Mary (aka Mary Luck from Gympie) found each other after returning to earth after nearly two thousand years in what they call the "spirit world".

They say they came back, along with six other pairs of soul mates, to spread the truth about God's divine love. In the nearby town of Murgon they hold seminars. One a couple of weeks ago attracted several hundred people.

They seem like an intelligent, sane, loving couple - but their story is straight from La La Land. They might easily be dismissed as a couple of crackpots.

However hundreds, possibly thousands, of people now follow their "divine truth" teachings. Among them are a group of Kiwis who have moved in just down the road from Jesus and Mary to be part of a more loving, spiritual community.

Most of Jesus and Mary's disciples are white, middle class, educated people who've been on a variety of spiritual journeys before settling for AJ Miller.

Most are vegan or at least vegetarian and like Jesus and Mary they are concerned at what the unloving lifestyles of most humans are doing to the planet.

Jesus teaches that God's divine love is the best thing you'll ever experience - and it's available to everyone. However you're not going to tap into it unless you can first clear your "soul" of anger, fear and pain.

What this means is that AJ Miller's followers tend to get very emotional. The tears are never far away.

The Australian media have had a field day with Jesus and Mary, accusing them of being a dangerous cult. Devotees tell me the media is wrong. There's no pressure to join up or pay up, no compound or high fences - just a take it or leave it attitude from Jesus or Mary.

They all seem like lovely people. What I still don't fully understand is how so many people can fall for such nonsense.

However for those of you who like a little superstition consider this - our camera broke down three times during the interview and we still don't know why.

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