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Sunday: August 24

Published: 2:51PM Wednesday August 20, 2014

  • Cannabis   (Source: Breakfast)
    Cannabis - Source: Breakfast


Greg Woledge was a young father, killed in a horror road crash in Tauranga.

But in the weeks following his death, Greg's family would learn it wasn't an ordinary accident.

The driver who caused the crash had been smoking cannabis - a joint within half an hour of the crash.

So why wasn't he charged with drug driving? Sunday investigates.

Reporter: Libby Middlebrook

Producer: Louisa Cleave

Camera: Cameron Williams

Editor: Heloise Le Gros


Andrea Bocelli is a tenor with the purest voice that stirs passion and emotion like no other. Blind since the age of 12, he overcame adversity and captivated millions with his music.

We go inside Andrea’s private world, and meet the maestro in his beautiful Tuscan villa with his stunning new wife Veronica and their gorgeous little daughter.


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