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Sunday: August 17

Published: 4:48PM Thursday August 14, 2014 Source: Sunday

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    Source: TVNZ


It sounds bizarre but it's a normal custom among some Maori to claim bodies and return them to their spiritual homeland. That's what happened when Jim Takamore died in Christchurch.

His Tuhoe relatives from the Bay of Plenty snatched Jim's body from his Pakeha partner and family, before it could be buried.

Last week, after seven years of court battles, Denise Clarke expected to bring Jim back to Christchurch. It didn't happen - after a hostile stand-off at the cemetery.

Who's right? Whose law rules? Will Jim ever rest in peace?

Reporter - Janet McIntyre
Producers - Chris Cooke and Steve Butler
Camera - Ken Dorman, Peter Day
Editor - Heloise Le Gros


Chris Soteriou is a very lucky man.

A successful Melbourne businessman, he adores his children and was devoted to his wife Vicky.

He showered her with the best of everything, and as far as he was concerned - his life - and theirs, were perfect.

But unbeknown to him Vicky was in a relationship with another man. and they were planning something that would change his life forever.

Channel 7 Sunday Night


Imagine this - what you eat, how far you run, what you're thinking about - even how well you sleep was all measured, tracked and recorded online.

Sounds like big brother, except the monitor is you.

That's what an ever growing group of people called self-quantifiers are doing. Using mobile technology, like their cell phones, to measure various parts of their existence. To improve it.

So, is this global movement obsessive or is it healthy?

Reporter - Erin Conroy
Producer - Kim Peacock
Camera - Peter Day
Editor - Nick Reid

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