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Sunday: August 10

Published: 6:09PM Wednesday August 06, 2014 Source: Sunday

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Imagine if you're born with a mental block, which prevents you learning the basics.  Reading, writing, maths.  Even though you're intelligent, school becomes a nightmare.  You get a label like dyslexic, diverted into the slow lane, and chances are you end up believing you're stupid.

If that sounds familiar well you're not alone.  About one in ten people are dyslexic, but as John Hudson reports, new thinking about thinking means many more people can reach their true intellectual potential.

Reporter – John Hudson

Producers – Chris Cooke, Kate Evans, Mark Sleeman

Camera – Cam Williams

Editor – Heloise Le Gros



The untold, true story about the most daring prison escape in Australian history.

It's a plot straight from a Hollywood movie - a hijacked helicopter landing inside a jail to pluck a dashing and dangerous criminal to freedom.

in 1999 Lucy Dudko, the Russian lover of bank robber John Killick, committed the only crime of her life and all in the name of love. 

Would they pull it off?

Channel Seven - Mike Willesee

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