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Storage: Flog The Lot


Storage - Flog The Lot!

This show has now finished airing on TV ONE.

Storage: Flog the Lot! is the brand new series that sees top dealers risking their own cash in a secret auction, bidding on trucks filled with unpredictable and fascinating storage lots.

Each week our dealers will come together for the top secret auction, but as each truck rolls in to the storage warehouse and the lots are revealed, they'll have just moments to survey the stash from afar, and assess its value before deciding whether to bid - Are they in, or are they out?

If they decide to bid, they'll have to use every trick in the book to put off their rivals. If the lot looks tempting, every dealer will be bidding to win. But only when the hammer falls under skilled auctioneer Addison will they be able to see just what they've won. Will they blow their cash? Or strike auction gold?

With the auction complete we'll follow the successful dealers as they attempt to sell their items on in the real world using all their skills and contacts. As the big reveal approaches, we discover which has turned the biggest profit and won bragging rights over the others.