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Step Dave

Tuesdays at 8.30pm | TV2

Behind the scenes of Step Dave!

In the first two episodes of Step Dave, Cara and Dave’s worlds have collided and now they’ll have to navigate the tricky world of dating, complete with a few extra hurdles in the shape of Dave’s mates and Cara’s mother-in-law and kids!


A lot of talented Kiwis put in heaps of work behind the scenes to make an episode of Step Dave. Check out these photos from behind the scenes of the first two episodes.


Take one... The cameras are ready to roll on the first take (left) and the crew look on as Sia Trokenheim (Cara), Jono Kenyon (Dave) and George Beca (Logan) film the moped scene from episode two.


Getting ready for her close-up... The beautiful Sia gets the all-important make-up touch ups between takes.


Cara meet Dave... Jono and Sia film the scenes where Cara and Dave first meet and later share relationship notes in episode one!