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Terms & conditions


Viewers can have their say to the questions raised in the programme by responding via SMS message or phoning the 0900 number shown.

To register your race via SMS send the word RACE then a space then the letter M for Maori, P for Pakhea or O for other

For each question that is asked if you are responding via SMS you will need to enter a keyword relating to the question then a space then your answer. E.g ONE A


Text messages to 881 cost 50 cents including GST each.

All 0900 numbers cost 0.99 cents including GST each

SMS entry is open to Telecom New Zealand 025 & 027 and Vodafone/Telstra Clear 021 and 029 customers.  Viewers entering whilst on roaming are not eligible to enter.

You must be the owner of the mobile phone to enter via Text Messaging or get the permission of the person responsible for paying the phone bill before entering.

You must be the bill payer of the landline to enter via 0900 or get the permission of the person responsible for paying the phone bill before entering 

For each Text Message entry a reply Text Message will be sent back to your mobile phone to let you know your entry has been received.

All entries are deemed to be received at the time of receipt into the State of the Nation database, NOT at the time of transmission by the entrant.

No responsibility accepted for non-receipt for any reason of a text or 0900 message.

Response times for reply messages may vary and are subject to network coverage and availability, entry volumes, the memory of the SIM card inside your mobile phone not being full and/or any technical problems.

TVNZ will do its best to ensure all confirmation text messages sent to you are delivered promptly.  Successful delivery depends on additional parties such as telecommunication network suppliers and ISP's, hence TVNZ cannot guarantee that messages will arrive promptly or arrive at all.  Message delivery performance is subject to the recipient's mobile terminal being switched on and located within an area that is acceptably covered by the recipient's service provider.  Furthermore, mobile operators can prevent their subscribers from receiving SMS messages, for whatever reasons, and in such cases message delivery is not possible. TVNZ and mobile operators will not be held responsible for any loss, damages or injury whatsoever arising from the receipt or non-receipt of text messages.

The eventual delivery of SMS messages to State of  the Nation is largely dependent on additional parties and the effective functioning of the sender's mobile operator's systems and infrastructure.  Consequently, TVNZ will not be liable for non-receipt of or late receipt of messages due to issues resulting from services provided by the participant's mobile providers.  Should there be a dispute, TVNZ shall endeavour to make the necessary investigations to the best of its abilities and attempt to rectify the discrepancy, but should such investigations prove to be inconclusive, no further action can be taken against TVNZ, or the mobile operators by State of the Nation participants.

TVNZ reserves the right to extend, postpone, or cancel the questions and to update the terms and conditions on


Any complaints should be addressed in writing to TVNZ Test The Nation, PO Box 3819, Auckland.

Any queries relating to the test should call TVNZ (09) 916 7000 in the first instance providing their name and contact phone number.