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Jo Holley

I'm a vibrant, out going kind of person from Gisborne who'll give anything a go! I Love theme parks and if I can't get to one, a bumpy flight will do.

To pass time I go shopping for anything and everything. Oh yes, I'm definitely a pro at this and would have to say anything to do with fashion, shoes, jewelery, hair, or make-up I am so there. When I'm not presenting Squirt I help people stay fit and healthy as a personal trainer. 

I love hanging with mates and whanau, dancing, sports, modeling, going to events, meeting new people, chilling on the beach, music - especially Fat Freddys Drop, Gnarls Barkley, Sublime, Ministry of Sound, and Katchafire, but my all time fav pastime would have to be relaxing in bed with my 12 pillows, six duvets (I think I might just, have enough...) and teddy bears on freezing, raining days watching movies: Starsky and Hutch, Wedding Crashers, Pirates of the Carribean, Nemo, Shrek, Chicago, Gladiator and The Mask of Zorro are Tu Meke. Travelling's so hot and I one day want to go to Egypt, Hawaii and Disney Land.

My heroes are my Mum, Dad, Sis and nephew Maioha - they rock!! and also back at my home in Gissi I've got a pet, Mossimo who's a super cute pug dog just like the one on Men In Black.

My dream? Well there's so much I want to do.  One would be to win lotto, buy a few tropical islands, one with a theme park on it, build a resort for all my friends and whanau to chill at, have loads of fun and ultimately relax on the beach......oh I nearly forgot I'd definitely get a cook at my house too since I hate cooking!...although I do a very good caesar salad or peanut butter on toast...

See you all soon,

Remember have heaps of fun, push play everyday, keep learning....