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SPY 00474

Surname/family name: Dilworth

First name(s): Simon

Sex: Male

Age: 35

Status: Married

Location: Northern Ireland

Occupation: Works in a meat-packing factory

Next of kin: Wife and three children

Character Background

  • Instantly likeable humour, he is witty and self-deprecating. Simon has the gift of the gab and isn't afraid to use it
  • He is intelligent but plays it down. 
  • Describes himself as a loving husband and father who is "crap at DIY and proud of it". 
  • Simon is grounded, content and one of the first to admit he has no ambitions. Nevertheless, Simon strongly feels that he hasn't made enough of his life and his main ambition is for his children to do better than him.
  • Was raised by his grandparents who were devout Christians - he has no contact with his father and regrets never tracking him down.
  • Has strong Christian beliefs, but is open-minded and excited about the chance to meet people from all walks of life.
  • He has a very likeable demeanour and is gracious and kind. He makes people at ease and is a very enthusiastic potential spy.