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Martine McCutcheon (Tash)

Its amazing to be part of this, says Martine McCutcheon of Spooks, although so much has happened in the world since we finished filming, who would have thought it would turn out to be so close to what actually tookplace?

Its shot so beautifully, its so stylish and polished. I had met Antonia (Bird) and I was fascinated by what she had to say.

When I met her for this, and they invited me to guest in this role, that signed, sealed and delivered it for me. I love the things that shes done.

The producers were really friendly; Id met Rupert before - he and Dervla (Kirwan) came to see me in My Fair Lady - and wanted to work with him, so it was a number of different things that came together.

Also, I wanted to work with the BBC again, and I hadnt been able to for a long time because Ive been in America, so I just thought I wanted to go back to my home in TV really.

Tash is remarkably quick and bright, she says of her role. Shes had no experience of anything like this but shes a fast thinker and the main thing that gets her through is the fact that shes streetwise.

Shes had to be clever in situations in her everyday life, and she uses that experience and channels it in a different way to survive in this bizarre situation.

Adam quickly realises that, if nothing else, shes very brave. Shes feisty and shell give anything a go. Shes a no-nonsense girl. Also no one would ever suspect that a girl like that could be involved with MI5.

The experience changes her forever. Shes a survivor...and she lives to tell the tale. Shed be looking over her shoulder again for a long time. What she goes through is really traumatic - it would affect anyone, especially someone like her, who is really emotional.

I liked the fact that this was a normal girl who got to delve into a surreal world: shes dealing with something you dont deal with every day.

There arent many roles where youre working in a coffee shop one minute, and youre tied to a bomb the next! I thought it was quite a challenge.

I always like to do things that I havent dipped my toe into before. Doing all the action shots, all in my Jimmy Choos, I was over the moon that I could do it all in those shoes!

Of her co-stars Rupert Penry-Jones and Raza Jaffrey, she says, On my penultimate day I was with my two boys, they were both there in their beautiful suits and I looked and I thought God, this job is good!

They looked dishevelled but handsome. Rupert should be a James Bond, and Razas just got the phwoar factor!