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Six Feet Under

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This show has now finished. 

On the final episode: 

Everyone's Waiting

In a suitably funereal finale, tonight's episode fast forwards to the moments of all the major characters' deaths. Also, Brenda gives birth to a premature but healthy baby girl. Claire accpts a job offer in he Big Apple and David embraces his fears, and his new family.

About the show

From the Academy Award-winning writer of American Beauty comes the Peabody Award, Golden Globe Award and Emmy Award-winning Six Feet Under, a darkly comic look at life and death from the perspective of the dysfunctional Fisher family, which co-owns and operates an independent funeral home in California.

Though deceased patriarch Nathaniel Fisher continues to live in the hearts and visions of his family, much has changed in the Fisher household and at Fisher and Diaz. Eldest son Nate has discovered the mystery of Lisa's death and can now move forward in his life as father to Maya and fiance to Brenda, who saw him through the pain of his wife's death. For Brenda, trying to find emotional stability has proven challenging, and Nate's reemergence in her life, along with Maya, adds a sense of normalcy. Openly gay son David and ex-police officer Keith Charles have redefined their relationship and now are considering adopting children together. Matriarch Ruth must care for her new husband, George, who suffers from mental illness. Meanwhile, daughter Claire has possibly found domestic bliss with Brenda's brother, Billy. And longtime mortician and Fisher & Diaz co-owner Federico faces life as a bachelor after his infidelity causes his wife, Vanessa, to ask for a divorce.

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