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Welcome Wendy Cooper

She may have started off on the show in a relatively subtle way, but we are most definitely set to see more of Nurse Wendy Cooper (Jacqueline Nairn) from now on.

Having now landed herself a job at Shortland Street , Wendy and her family are about to wreak havoc throughout the hospital in more ways than one.

Married to Murray when she was seventeen, Wendy started having children pretty early and is the proud mother of  Bella, Evan and Jasmine.

Viewers can look forward to meeting the rest of the Coopers over the coming months. 

Wendy has a strong vocation for nursing, but is only just rejoining the workforce after years at home to look after her children.

Wendy is a champion of the underdog - it's how she sees herself, battling for her family. 

She has an almost bottomless well of sympathy for the plight of the common family man.

Because of this, she quite often finds herself battling against the bosses for the rights of the people she believes are not strong enough to stand up for themselves.

This often gets her in trouble.

"Wendy likes to stand up for what she believes in, and supports those who don't have help elsewhere," says Jacquie. "And she's a total lioness when it comes to protecting and defending her children. Which means that she is more often than not, fighting some kind of battle on someone's behalf and forgetting to worry about herself."

Jacquie is very excited about the fact that viewers will meet Wendy's family over the coming months.

"The actors who are playing my children are awesome," she says. "We are having a lot of fun connecting and I think viewers are really going to enjoy learning about the Coopers over the next little while."

Having already ruffled Tania's feather's, Wendy is set to upset more than a few other Shortland Street staff members over the coming weeks.

Stay tuned to find out who.


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