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Want to be on Ido Drent's team?

Ido Drent - Shortland Street on TV2

Message from Ido Drent:

Ok guys, we have sure got our work cut out for us this year's 40 Hour Famine. For the first time in three years, I actually have some competition (nah, jokes).

In all seriousness though, the Red Team  is looking strong in 2012 and I know Yellow and Green have plans up their sleeves to get this competition really ramped up.

If the Blue team are going to take it out three years running, I have decided that I REALLY need someone to help. I need a right-hand man or woman. Batman never rolls without Robin. Starsky never rides without Hutch. William never goes without Kate.....ahhh, well hopefully you get my drift: I need a Co-Captain! And it could be you.

I need a picture of you in your best Blue Gears uploaded to and you  could be hanging by my side as we take the Blue team to glory!

I'm going to get my Shorty friends to help me judge the best co-captain option and whoever that person is, will get the chance to come and have lunch out at the Shortland Street studios and I will personally show them around the sets.

You must be a Blue revolutionary to enter the competition (if you haven't already joined Team Blue and the 40 Hour Famine, sign up at .

And while you are busy taking your best Blue photo, why not encourage some of your mates to join us and get involved in this year's 40 Hour Famine. The more of us working together, the more money we can raise and the more lives we can change in Mali and Niger!

Each day, I will put my personal favourite photo on my Facebook page , and then a final winner will be selected on the 25th May.

So go find your best Blue gear and get snapping! I can't do this alone!!


Catch Ido weeknights at 7pm on Shortland Street.