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Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

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Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Two weeks on from the horrific sexual attack and Roimata’s attacker still remains at large. As the police investigation continues, we examine the suspects so far…

Jared  Afeaki

An emotional Jared Afeaki disappeared from the Warner house shortly before the attack against Roimata.

Rachel later discovered Jared with injuries and suspected he was guilty but he was ruled out as a suspect due to a false alibi provided by his gang associates and when the Warners discovered his injuries were inflicted by his auntie. 

But his whereabouts on the night of the attack remain unknown. With a history of family violence and emotional distress, could Jared be responsible?

Angel Souza

Committed Christian and exchange student Angel Souza seems like an unlikely suspect but the teen was picked up by police after he was seen running away from the scene of the crime.

He confessed to police that he had gone for a run to deal with sexual frustration after a steamy make out session with girlfriend Jasmine Cooper.

Jasmine confirmed his story and Angel was cleared as a suspect by Detective Lisa Stone.

But how is that Angel happened to be running away from the IV shortly after the attack? He may no longer be the central focus of the investigation but Angel is still a potential suspect…


Boyd Rolleston

Acclaimed surgeon Boyd Rolleston has so far not displayed any violent or aggressive tendencies but he has been a murder suspect, at least in the eyes of Lana Jacobs and her friends.

After his potential involvement in the disappearance of Julia Brown was discovered, Boyd became prime suspect for the police investigation into the assault against Roimata.  Boyd was spotted in the vicinity of the alleyway immediately before the attack and has no alibi.

But Emma’s discovery that it was her father who was somehow involved in Julia’s disappearance meant Boyd has been cleared of any suspicion for now.

While he is longer directly connected to the disappearance of Kylie’s sister, the newest surgeon at Shortland Street remains an enigma… 

Zac Smith

Zac Smith was the next suspect on police radar and was taken into custody for questioning after a footprint matching his shoe was discovered at the scene of Roimata’s assault.

After a grilling from the police, Zac maintains his innocence and even former flame Vasa, who has had several run-ins with Zac since their affair was exposed, is confident that Zac isn’t capable of such violence.

However smooth talking Zac still doesn’t have an alibi and has claimed he was asleep in his hotel room at the IV when Roimata was attacked.

Is Zac’s bravado with the police just a cover for his guilt…?

Murray Cooper

He’s always been a good guy but could he be harbouring a violent secret?

After a heated argument with Wendy, Murray left the IV to “cool down” and he returned shortly after the attack on Roimata was discovered.

Police discovered a footprint outside the IV and Murray was seen by his son Evan disposing of a pair of shoes with the same footprint.

Murray has denied any involvement but his suspicious behaviour has left his own son wondering…


Josh Gallagher

Nice guy Josh Gallagher was first on the scene after Roimata’s attack.

In the immediate aftermath, Josh provided comfort and support, and a traumatised Roimata quickly turned to Josh for emotional support over her own husband TK.

From his role as Roimata’s rescuer, Josh has avoided any suspicion for now but the question remains, how was it that Josh appeared on the scene so quickly after Roimata was attacked?


Will Roimata’s attacker be uncovered and be brought to justice for his crimes? Stay tuned….

If you or someone you know have been affected by Roimata's story or you require immediate crisis assistance, please contact your nearest sexual assault service,  details available here and if you are in immediate danger please call the Police on 111.


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