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Tyler's big swim

Tyler Read plays Evan Cooper - Shortland Street on TV2

Jesse James Pickering played Angel - Shortland Street on TV2

We caught up with Tyler Read (Evan) after his Ocean Swim Series experience in Wellington last weekend, along with ex-Shorty star Jesse-James Pickery (Angel).

“It was much harder than I was expecting, so I wasn’t prepared for the challenges of swimming in the ocean,” says Tyler. “I usually only swim about four times a year.”

The pair swam the 1000m “Step It Up” swim from Oriental Bay Beach to Freyberg Beach. It was the first time Tyler had seen Jesse since shooting Angel’s final scenes.

“It was great to see Jesse again,” says Tyler. “I’m sure we’ll catch up again soon.”

On spending time in Wellington Tyler says “It was great to be in Wellington, it put on a beautiful day [for the swim]. It was also cool to catch up with my cousin who lives there.”

Tyler and Jesse thoroughly enjoyed the event and are keen to do another swim next year.

If you want to get involved there are still a couple of Ocean Swim Series events happening around the country in the next few months.

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