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The Shortland Street Twitter account - @ShortlandTweet - is a fantastic place to catch up on the latest Shortland Street storylines, news and gossip straight from the set.

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Check out a selection of our latest tweets in 140 characters or less:

Cupcakes in studio today to celebrate last night's huge ratings (we even out-rated One News).

All of Evan's driving lessons were shot against a green-screen, the street added later (except for the in-the-lounge Wendy special).

The kitchen windows were changed to opaque at the Cooper house to stop the reflections of the Matekino set opposite which reflected.

Callum spends a lot of time at the IV now he's out of work... and because the location that was his apartment is currently for sale.

The interior of Callum's apartment is about 2km around the corner from the exterior. Hunter's flat opposite is a set in studio.

Brooke's car actually belongs to one of our Director's Assistants.

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