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Top 20 moments of 2012

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2012 was a massive year for Shortland Street as we celebrated 20 years on New Zealand TV screens. 

From jaw dropping storylines to never seen before stunts, there have been so many memorable moments. 

We take a look back over an eventful year with our pick of the top 20 moments of 2012:

- 2012 started on tragic note after Jill Kingsbury died from the injuries she’d received in the 2011 cliff-hanger, while Daniel Potts was left with a serious brain injury. Jill’s boyfriend Callum and best friend Roimata were devastated at their loss while Daniel faced a long and uphill battle getting back to normality.

- Our annual feature length episode is always explosive and for our birthday we upped the ante with a dramatic helicopter which put the lives of several Ferndale residents on the line.  Staging a helicopter crash was a huge technical feat for Shorty cast and crew and the result was impressive!

Watch the clip below to see the Shorty crew filming scenes with the helicopter.




- As well as an extra special feature length episode and a birthday episode featuring a visit from Marj, we also celebrated with a glamorous birthday bash at the Viaduct Events Centre which saw Shorty stars from twenty years of the show come together to celebrate the huge milestone. Check out all the pics here .


- 2012 has seen the return of some familiar faces from Shortland Street past.  The Jefferies family along with Libby’s husband Gerald made a welcome return back in May, as well as Shorty’s legendary receptionist Marj Brasch who was quick to put her successors Yvonne Jeffries and Bella Cooper in their place! 
The handsome yet morally questionable Zac Smith also returned to Shorty after two prior stints in Ferndale in the 1990s and early 2000s. When he arrived back in April, there was no hint of his villainous nature…

- Lana Jacob’s love life has been tumultuous in 2012 but her most memorable romance has to be her brief flirtation with flatmate Nicole Miller. Who could forget their steamy kiss? Unfortunately romance wasn’t to be for these two and they stuck to being simply friends and flatmates.

 - He’s always been Shorty’s golden boy but this Chris Warner’s life was turned upside down with the arrival of a woman named Hayley O’Neill.  Hayley developed a fixation with Chris and tried to ingratiate herself into his life, becoming Phoenix's maths tutor.  Hayley’s deranged manipulation of the Warner family had viewers up in arms and when she finally came to a sticky end at the hands of her abusive boyfriend Drew, it was welcomed by many Shorty fans.  


But Hayley’s death also came at a cost for Chris who was arrested and sent to prison after Drew framed him for Hayley’s murder.  

It will be hard to forget seeing the inimitable Dr Love bearded and behind bars!


- In one of the most eerie moments of Shortland Street this year, Brooke Freeman found herself imprisoned in a box by her mentally ill (and previously long lost) sister Bree!  #brookeinabox became a trending hash tag on Twitter with plenty of viewers on the edge of their seats to find out what would happen to Brooke.


- Bree Hamilton’s delightfully frenzied turn in Ferndale also gave us another of this year’s most memorable moments when she took on our nominee for Shorty’s Worst Mother of All Time - Annette Freeman.  Her rage at Annette’s rejection lead a vicious cat fight between the two and later culminated in her pushing “Mummy Dearest” down the stairs of the IV!

- It seemed like Sarah Potts had found the ideal man when she started seeing Zac Smith. But one woman wasn’t enough for Zac and he started up a flirtation with his nursing boss Vasa Levi which spilled over into a torrid affair.  Vasa finally found her conscious and ended the affair but when her daughter Ula got wind, the news threatened to get out.  Zac pressured the pair to stay quiet but when Sarah’s ex TK finally put two and two together, the word got out in an explosive fashion and both Vasa and Zac found themselves in the doghouse while Sarah was heartbroken.

- Shorty went mobile in 2012 with the launch of our app for iPhones and iPod touch!  With all the latest news and goss, episode recaps, exclusive videos and much more, the Shortland Street iPhone and iPod touch app means you can now get the latest on Shorty wherever you are.

- There was another first for Shortland Street this year with the advent of Naughty Shorty, a one hour special hosted by Shorty alumni Kimberley Crossman (aka Sophie McKay).   The show delved into the archives to give fans a glimpse into the mistakes, pranks and inappropriate moments from the last twenty years.  It gave us a chance to see a hilarious new side of Shorty that hadn’t been seen before!

- Births, deaths and marriages are always a big occasion for Shortland Street and this year it was wayward teen Ula Levi who became a mother after a very stressful pregnancy.  After concealing her pregnancy from her parents, having Evan Cooper pretend to be the father and ending up homeless to escape her mother Vasa’s interference, Ula eventually decided to give her baby for adoption.  While Vasa struggled to deal with the idea that her grandson would grow up with someone else, Ula knew she was doing the right thing and her baby boy ended up with loving adopted parents.

- Sad goodbyes -  2012 saw us farewell some long time Shorty residents – Hunter McKay left for rehab down the line, Gabrielle Jacobs set sail for Switzerland, Callum McKay left Ferndale to support Hunter’s recovery,  Maxwell Avia left for Hong Kong, while Daniel Potts headed off with his big winnings to go on his big OE.

- But there were also plenty of new beginnings as we said hello to some memorable new arrivals this year – Josh Gallagher,  Boyd Rolleston and Lana’s mates Kylie Brown and Emma Franklin.

- One of Shortland Street’s most serious and dramatic storylines this year was when Roimata Samuels was sexually assaulted on her way home from the IV in November.  The attack left poor Roimata traumatised and her husband TK devastated, while police continued hunting for a suspect.  Several Ferndale regulars were considered but Roimata remains unaware of who committed the terrible crime against her…

- As the one of the only happily married couples on the show, it came with a lot of shock and sadness when Murray and Wendy Cooper split up.  A midlife crisis saw Murray fall head over heels for sexy biker chick Cat and Wendy was devastated when she learnt Murray had feelings for someone else.  The couple’s split hit their kids hard and they struggled to keep things amicable.  But with their daughter’s wedding to Luke approaching, the couple have been getting along better than ever. Is there hope of a Christmas reunion?

- With Maxwell away in Hong Kong, Vasa and Vinnie united as a family to take care of Ula; but they got a little too close for comfort back in September.  To everyone’s surprise, it seemed their friendship had been taken to the next level after the pair got saucy with some food while cleaning the fridge. Vasa had Vinnie stripped down and covered in cream… but much to Vinnie’s relief it had all been a feverish dream!

- There was always a chance that TK would clash with the new man in ex-wife Sarah’s life. But his rivalry with her boyfriend Zac created one of the more memorable moments of the year, when the two got into an argument in the hospital locker room….while shirtless.  The tense standoff between the two half naked men definitely got a few Shortland Street fans’ pulse racing….including us!

- Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched Wednesday (12 th December)’s episode look away now! Speculation has been rife amongst Shorty’ fans for weeks about who could have committed the sexual assault against Roimata.  We were finally given the answer when the offender brutally attacked police detective Lisa Stone in the hospital car park to try and keep her quiet.  As he raced away from the scene, he removed his disguise to reveal that it was....Zac! But while the audience now know he’s the bad guy, Roimata and TK remain oblivious.

- And finally the most memorable moment of 2012 according to our straw poll of Facebook fans was Brooke Freeman’s singing debut. While babysitting Sarah’s daughter Tillie, a desperate Brooke attempted singing her own version of a Maori lullaby to calm the little girl down with hilarious results…


Celebrating 20 years of Shortland Street