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Top 11 of 2011

Sarah and TK with their newborn daughter - Shortland Street TV2

Luke (Gerald Urquhard) has Isaac (Matt Minto) all tied up -  Shortland Street on TV2

Brooke feels uneasy with Winston - Shortland Street TV2

Roimata and parents await her wedding to TK - Shortland Street TV2

Rachel and Jonathon McKenna - Shortland Street TV2

Pua Magasiva as Vinnie Kruse in Shortland Street on TV2

Sarah Potts cradles her newborn daughter - born in a roadside ditch! Shortland Street TV2

Bella with Zlata and Luke in Shortland Street on TV2

Hunter and Callum McKay - Shortland Street TV2

Scotty and Tracey - Shortland Street TV2

The All Blacks with some of the cast of Shortland Street

Michelle (Bethany Hall) and Maxwell (Robbie Magasiva)

Evan and Wendy with Jasmine in hospital - Shortland Street on TV2

It's been a huge year of scandal, drama, hook ups, break ups and make ups on Shortland Street! Just in case anyone has forgotten what's happened over the year, would though we'd take a look back at some of our favourite stories from an action packed 2011.

Farewell to Maia and Yvonne

After Maia cheated on Nicole with Jennifer, they attempted to work through their problems but the arrival of Nicole's disapproving mother strained their fragile reconciliation.

Meanwhile Yvonne received a job offer in Sydney. When Maia realised her relationship with Nicole was damaged beyond repair, she decided to make a fresh start and move with her mother to Australia.  Nicole was devastated by the news but tried to be strong at the farewell party for Yvonne and Maia.

The day of their departure, Nicole realised she had unfinished business with Maia and rushed to see her before they left. But she missed Maia by seconds and a heartbroken Nicole was left without closure on the most important relationship of her life.

Isaac versus Luke

Luke discovered that Isaac had been performing illegal operations for high profile criminals. 

To prevent Luke from reporting him, Isaac teamed up with Brooke to set Luke up as a drug addict. They planted morphine in Luke's nasal spray so he tested positive for drugs and he was stood down from Shortland Street.

But Luke wouldn't go down without a fight. He later returned to Ferndale determined to expose Isaac's villainy. He conned Isaac into coming over to his house, saying he had hard evidence of Isaac's crimes and there he drugged Isaac with a glass of wine.

Isaac awakened tied to a taxidermy table and it appeared Luke was ready to make him into one of his taxidermy trophies...

Brooke's research fraud

Having gained funding for her research project into asthma, Brooke quickly realised that the medical project was more time consuming and complicated than she ever imagined.

A fortuitous meeting with renowned asthma researcher Lars Hammett proved a timely blessing for Brooke. Lars offered her a job working with him and they end up in bed together. But after their night of passion, Lars suddenly died. Determined to get what she thought she was owed, Brooke stole his research data and later passed it off as her own.

A few months later, Lars' wife Nadia arrived in Ferndale and uncovered the truth.  She confronted Brooke who pleaded with Nadia not to reveal her fraud. But Nadia refused and drove off to tell the police everything. Brooke's slavishly devoted assistant Winston chased Nadia down and she crashed her car and was killed, leaving Brooke and Winston facing a police investigation.

Jonathon McKenna returns to Ferndale

Last seen in Ferndale back in the 1990s, Jonathan returned to Ferndale on the premise of a reunion with his sister.  But the happy reunion was short lived when Rachael learnt that Jonathon needed brain surgery after his near death car crash, and he wanted Gabrielle to perform the surgery.

Gabrielle initially refused to perform the risky surgery but she was eventually persuaded by Chris and Rachael to go ahead with surgery.

Gabrielle was nervous going into surgery, worried whether she was making the right decision. When she encounters a problem midway through surgery, she froze in panic, throwing Jonathon's life at risk.

When Jonathon awoke from surgery blind, Rachael was quick to blame Gabrielle but they eventually diagnosed hysterical blindness.  Working through Jonathon's condition eventually brought him and Gabrielle together.

Bride versus Baby

Just as TK had found new love with Roimata, his ex-wife Sarah arrived back in Ferndale pregnant and announced that the child was his. TK was forced to juggle his deepening romance with impeding fatherhood, even as he fought off those old feelings for Sarah.

It was the thrilling climax of our 90 minute special, as TK was forced to choose between his wedding to Roimata and attending the birth of his child with ex-wife Sarah.  To Roimata's horror, TK chose his baby, rushing off to help Sarah, who had gone into labour by the side of the road.

But he was too late, caught up rescuing Hunter and Brooke from a fiery car crash, and Sarah was forced to give birth to their baby in a ditch, with only TK's rival Owen to help!

Scotty and Tracy become parents

Scotty and Tracy had started trying for a baby but they ended up playing parents sooner than expected. When Scotty learnt his Indonesian friend Angkasa was seriously ill, he and Tracy helped bring her to New Zealand for medical treatment and she arrived with her young son Kitu.

But after receiving treatment, Angkasa's condition quickly worsened and she passed away. Scotty was shocked to learn that she had named him as Kitu's father.

Both Tracy and Scotty struggled with the idea that the child might be his, but after a paternity test confirmed that Scotty wasn't Kitu's father, Tracy and Scotty made the decision to adopt Kitu instead.

The adoption process meant Kitu would have to return to Timor on his own but both Tracy and Scotty couldn't face abandoning him so they made the decision that all three of them would live in Timor.

Just before the new family left for Timor, they were thrilled to discover that Tracy was pregnant!

The return of Vinnie Kruse

We last saw prankster nurse, Vinnie Kruse in 2006 when he left town to play happy families with his pregnant girlfriend Jemima.

He returned to Ferndale in August and jumped straight back into his role as resident good time guy and joker but he kept quiet about the painful reason he was back in town.
When Vinnie began acting strangely - going berserk at Bella for leaving marbles in the hospital toy box and partying at all hours, a worried Nicole pushed for Vinnie to reveal what happened in England and why he had been so upset. Vinnie finally admits he had "lost his child", leaving Nicole with the impression his child had died.

After misunderstanding spread, Vinnie was eventually forced to admit the truth - that he had "lost" his son in a nasty custody battle with his ex-girlfriend.

Zlata versus Bella

Quirky Luke Durville arrived back in Ferndale in August with a brand new attitude and a new love, Romanian Zlata Waldheim.

Luke introduced his fiancée Zlata to life in New Zealand with the help of Luke's friend Bella.  But Bella soon became concerned as fiesty Zlata insisted on Luke changing everything for her from his looks (who could forget that toupee!) to his religion.

After Zlata and Luke asked Bella to be a bridesmaid for their wedding, Bella realised that her concern for Luke was more than just friendship and that she was in love with Luke!

Bella chose to remain silent about her true feelings for Luke, but as the wedding looms, Luke is beginning to wonder if he might have more than just a friendly interest in Bella's life too.

Heartbreak for the Coopers

Wendy and Murray were forced to confront their worst fears in September when their teenage daughter Jasmine collapsed on a night out with boyfriend Phoenix and almost died.

Jasmine was diagnosed with a near fatal heart condition, Long QT syndrome and the close knit family were horrified to realise that the condition was genetic. Any one of them could have it!

Tests revealed that Wendy and Bella both had the condition, but Murray and Evan were clear. The women of the Cooper family have since struggled to deal with their heart condition.

Bella was in denial of the seriousness of their situation, initially refusing to take medication due to the side effects on her usually bubbly personality.

Meanwhile, Jasmine has developed an all consuming obsession with the afterlife which is still worrying her friends and family.

Maxwell's affair with Bethany

The arrival of Maxwell's very attractive Aussie colleague Bethany Hall raised his girlfriend Nicole's suspicions.

Bethany's flirty friendship with Maxwell and their undeniable chemistry at work had Nicole worried.

Maxwell denied there was anything between them but man-eater Bethany was determined to get her man.

When Bethany made her move, Maxwell valiantly tried to deny temptation and remain faithful to Nicole.  But with Nicole out of town and Bethany about to hop on a plane back to Australia, Maxwell couldn't resist. Bethany arrived on his doorstep and they gave in to their mutual desire.

Hunter's addiction

It all started so innocently for Hunter. Struggling with his medical studies, he started taking caffeine pills to give him the extra energy he needed.  But it wasn't enough and soon he was introduced to Roytocin, a medication for ADHD, by fellow student Paige.

Highly addictive, Hunter's addiction to Roytocin grew.  But it was discovering that his father Callum had got together with his ex-girlfriend Jill which pushed Hunter over the edge. With access to Roytocin limited, Hunter started using harder drugs.

Hunter managed to keep his addiction from his friends and family but it was Evan Cooper who eventually uncovered his secret. A concerned Evan forced Hunter to come clean to his best mate Daniel. Feeling the pressure, Hunter managed to escape as a med school placement in Dunedin came up, so he lied to Daniel that he was leaving to go to rehab.

Hunter left with a promise to kick the habit but now back in Ferndale, his addiction has clearly spiralled out of control...

Special mention: Shortland Street had some very special guest stars as the All Blacks visited Ferndale on the eve of Rugby World Cup.