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There's a new bad boy in town

George Mason as Regan - Shortland Street TV2

Sworn to secrecy - Regan knows Jill's secrets - Shortland Street TV2

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A brand new bad boy threatens to expose a sordid past this week on Shortland Street, when Regan Ames (George Mason) arrives to reignite the flame with his ex-girlfriend Jill ( Natalie Medlock ).

Born and raised in Southland, George attended Southland Boys' High where he was a keen sportsman, playing rugby for the prestigious Southland Boys' High School 1st XV.

Moving to Wellington in 2009, George studied at Toi Whakaari before gaining a small part in the tele-feature Tangiwai .

When an opportunity to audition for Shortland Street arose, fate almost conspired against him.

"When I found out about the role I was staying in Arrowtown and it was going to be almost impossible to send an audition tape," says Mason. "I decided to fly myself to Auckland to audition and I'm glad I did. I did a second audition a few days later and got the call that I had the role, just as I boarded my flight home."

Working on Shortland Street has been a great challenge for George, and as a young actor, it's one he is relishing.

"The days are full on and the production is very quick, but it gives you the gift of preparing you for anything," says Mason. "Plus it's a bit of a dream to be employed in your craft especially in New Zealand"

Despite his character being labelled as the 'new bad boy' on the show, George does acknowledge that there are some similarities between himself and his character - but also some big differences.

"He's a bit twisted and dishonest which is not like me at all," says Mason. "He can be a bit of a jack of all trades like me though - and maybe a little bit of a charmer!"

Regan's shock arrival turns Jill's world upside down, given that Regan knows the truth about her sordid past.

"He and Jill have 'history' and Regan feels that when he comes back into town, Jill will welcome him back with open arms," says Mason.

"But Jill has worked to change her lifestyle and I think Regan is going to be disappointed if he just expects to pick up where he left off."

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