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The Teens of Shortland Street - Pt 3

Part 3 in our Teens feature. To read Parts 1 and 2, go here.

There's been an influx of teenagers to Shortland Street in 2010 and they are ready to take on the world!

As viewers prepare to see what is in store for the latest crop of young adults, we thought we would take a little trip down memory lane.

Refresh your memory with some of the other teenagers who have graced the show with their presence over the last 18 years.


Nate Adams

Nate (Damien Harrison)was the troubled son of nurse Tess Adams who arrived on the show in 2007.

Tess controversially fell in love with another man young enough to be her son, Hunter McKay and the pair started a relationship that sparked great concern for Hunter's family.

Meanwhile, Nate struggled with his sexuality. Initially he lost his virginity with Sophie, but he was actually interested in Hunter as well.

Tess was torn when she realised that she may lose her son if chose to stick with her relationship with Hunter and eventually left Ferndale with Nate.


Angus Phelps

Angus was a teenager at Ferndale High who had Tourette's Syndrome.

He was befriended by Sophie McKay and they briefly dated before Angus went off to University , dumping Sophie because she was too young.

The Valentine Kids

Jake (Callum Gittens) and Scarlett (Nicole Thomspson) were the teens of Dr Craig Valentine who arrived on the show in 2004.

Scarlett was at a slightly difficult stage in her life and was frequently bullied at school.

When Scarlett was bullied by the McKay kids in 2007, she finally lost the plot and tried to run them down with her father's car.

She was eventually sent to live with her mother in Australia.

Eti Kawaka

Eti (Isaac Bell) was a cousin of Tama's who was sent from up North by his mother to try and keep him out of trouble.

He ended up flatting with Maia and Jay and hated having to eat their healthy food all the time!

Claire Solomon

CEO Andrew Solomon had enough trouble on his hands and then his troublesome younger sister Claire (Emily Robins) arrived and made life all the more difficult for him.

Claire eventually got a job on reception and settled down (but not before breaking the hearts of many a boy!).

Tragically, Claire was the first of the victims of the Ferndale Strangler in 2007.

The McKay kids

Sophie (Kimberley Crossman) and Hunter (Lee Donghue) were the precocious teenagers of Dr's Callum McKay and Justine Jones, arriving on the show in late 2006.

Both teens have been through lots of drama since arriving on the show, but have now matured into well-behaved young adults.

Tane Samuels and Wiremu Potae

This teen duo were the nephews of TK Samuels and came to stay in 2007.

Talented musicians, they arrived from up north to go to a music school and got themselves into all sorts of situations along the way.

Tane was tragically paralysed in a street racing incident but overcame his disability to train as a nurse.

Tupac Evans

Played by the talented Mauri Oho Stokes, Tupac was a young teen gang member who Daniel meet whilst on boot camp.

Depite his troubled past, Tupac was good kid who just needed some adult guidance and TK was kind enough to let him stay with them.

Sadly, Tupac got involved with Kieran and Sid Mitchell and their brothel business and was arrested for a crime he didn't commit.

Daniel Potts

Daniel Potts (Ido Drent) returned from living with his father in Samoa in 2009 and promptly broke the hearts of many a girl in Ferndale.

While he had his eye on Sophie, she was too busy falling in love with Kieran Mitchell to notice Daniel.

He eventually met Lauren Fitzpatrick (Sophia Johnson) and the pair started dating.

Daniel was devastated when Lauren fell pregnant and opted to have an abortion.

He left Ferndale to take up a job in Indonesia, leaving his mother, Dr Sarah Potts heartbroken, but arrived back in Ferndale when his South East Asian experience went awry.

Ula Levi

Dr Maxwell Avia was devastated when his ex-wife prevented him from seeing his daughter, Ula (Frankie Adams) so he was mightily surprised when she arrived on his doorstep with the police in tow.

Ula initially was resistant to developing a relationship with her father, having been led to believe that he had abandoned her by her mother Vasa, but now that things have been cleared up, there may well be the option of Ula staying with Maxwell for a bit longer.

Now if only she could get her mother and father back together again......!

Phoenix Raynor

Phoenix (Geordie Holibar) was a surprise arrival for Chris Warner in the winter of 2010.

It was revealed that he was the son of Chris' former wife, Alison who had had the baby after they had broken up and opted never to tell him.

Phoenix turned up in Ferndale with his Uncle Brian after his mother was tragically killed in a drowning accident and Brian decided that he couldn't raise the boy anymore.

When the paternity test revealed that he really was Chris' son, Chris was surprisingly delighted, but it remains to be seen as to whether Phoenix will be happy in the big city.

The Cooper kids

Evan (Taylor Read) and Jasmine (Pearl McGlashan) are the newest teens to arrive in the street. Only time will tell what mischief they get up to.