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The teens of Shortland Street - Pt 2

There's been an influx of teenagers to Shortland Street in 2010 and they are ready to take on the world!

As viewers prepare to see what is in store for the latest crop of young adults, we thought we would take a little trip down memory lane.

Refresh your memory with some of the other teenagers who have graced the show with their presence over the last 18 years.

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Marshall Heywood

Marshall Heywood (Paul Reid) was the troublesome son of receptionist Barb Heywood.

One of Marshall's pivotal storylines revolved around starting to use the drug P and becoming a drug addict.

He ended up amassing huge debts and decided to pay them off by becoming a drug dealer and manufacturing his own P in the Heywood's basement.

Unfortunately Barb decided to throw an 18th birthday for Marshall and invited most of the Clinic's staff to the party.

Marshall left a bunsen burner on and was unable to get to it. As a result, the house blew up while everyone was still inside!

Marshall went on the run after his drug making activities were uncovered following the explosion.

Eventually Marshall was caught and sentenced to a juvenile detention centre.

The Crombie Kids

Receptionist Moira and her husband Earl had a brood of kids including teenagers Jordan and Shelley (Natalie Dennis) and Blake (Jesse Peach) who kept them very busy.

Erin Kingston

Erin (Emma Lahana) was the daughter of Dean Cochrane. When Dean married Moira after her first husband Earl was killed in a car accident, she came to live with the family.

However, it soon become apparent that Erin and Blake had feelings for each other which made living in the same house difficult.

Erin also went out with Marshall but when he broke her heart, Dean was forced to send her to Australia and eventually the rest of the family moved to be closer to her.

All, except Blake who admitted that he couldn't be near Erin when he felt the way he did about her!

Mihi Hudson

Victor's sister Te Hana Hudson and her family, husband Joe, daughter Mihi (Quantrelle King) and son Tama (David Wikaira-Paul)) moved to Ferndale when Te Hana got a job as a nurse at the hospital.

Mihi and Tama quickly became friends with Marshall. Mihi also befriended Shannon Te Ngaru (Amber Curreen) who quickly became a regular visitor to the Hudson household.

Mihi and Joe left Ferndale when she discovered that her mother had had an affair, while Tama stayed to support his mother.

Shannon Te Ngaru and Tama Hudson

At 16 and 17 years old Tama and Shannon agreed they weren't ready to have a baby and the plan was that Tama's uncle Victor and his wife Anne would whangai their son - in a Maori form of adoption. 

But when Ngakau was born, his young parents struggled to give him up leading to tension between Anne and Shannon.

Delphi Greenlaw

Delphi (Go Girls' Anna Hutchison) was the tomboy sister of Dr Andrew Greenlaw when she first arrived on the show and struck up a friendship with Shannon.

Delphi also struck up an unusual  friendship with the evil Dominic Thompson.

The pair eventually had a relationship, which generated a great deal of controversy.

Delphi eventually realized that Dominic was deranged and left town to escape the situation. It was later discovered that Dominic had in fact, killed her brother.

The Valentine Kids

Jake (Callum Gittens) and Scarlett (Nicole Thomspson) were the teens of Dr Craig Valentine who arrived on the show in 2004.

Scarlett was at a slightly difficult stage in her life and was frequently bullied at school.

When Scarlett was bullied by the McKay kids in 2007, she finally lost the plot and tried to run them down with her father's car.

She was eventually sent to live with her mother in Australia.

Tuesday Warner

Tuesday Warner (Olivia Tennet) was the daughter of Guy Warner and his partner Carmen, who was tragically killed just after Tuesday was born.

Tuesday lived much of her life in the States where she was taken for treatment by her father after it was discovered that she had a heart defect that could only be treated in the US.

Tuesday and Guy returned to Ferndale in 2007 where it quickly become apparent that Tuesday was covering for her father who had a serious drug addiction.

Tuesday was left in a difficult position when her father ran off with Toni Warner, who was married to her Uncle Chris Warner.

Tuesday went with them to ensure that her father stayed safe and to look after young Harry Warner.

However, she eventually realised that her father was out of control and came back to find Chris and get his help.

Chris offered to have Tuesday stay with him, but she opted to go back to the States to look after Guy.


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