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Steal her style: Lana Jacobs

Brooke Williams as Lana in Shortland Street on TV2

Brooke Williams as Lana Jacobs - Shortland Street TV2

Brooke Williams as Lana in Shortland Street on TV2

Lana's glamorous vintage look has everyone talking. We get her style secrets from Shortland Street costume designer Nicola Newman and head of Make Up guru Rebecca Elliot.

Head Costume designer Nicola Newman tells us how the create Lana Jacobs' look.

Can you tell us a little bit about Lana's look?

Lana's style is heavily influenced by vintage fashion - primarily from the 40's and 50's. She takes vintage pieces she finds and modifies them to give a truly original one-off appeal that is all her own. She mixes these pieces with vintage inspired pieces you can find in many shops.

What are a couple of classic Lana garments?

She has a selection of classic form fitting dresses that she pairs with vintage/modified jackets then accessorises with real vintage or vintage-inspired brooches and jewellery.

Where are some good places to shop to recreate Lana's style?

Many of her heels, jewellery and clothes are authentic vintage bought in second-hand clothing stores such as Vixen, Fast and Loose (which has sadly since shut down) and Fly by Night.

Other vintage inspired pieces have been bought from designer stores like Kate Sylvester and Cue but many pieces are also from cheaper stores such as Forever New, Dotti, Glasson and Tempt.

What has it been like to create clothes for Lana?

Lana has been one of the most exciting and fun characters to design for. Not only because she pays homage to a time when fashion was all about glamour and style but also because she modifies and changes many of her pieces which is a nice change from buying items straight off the rack.

Who would be Lana's Style Icons?

Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and any of the beautiful Hollywood movie stars from the 40's and 50's who changed the way we see fashion.


We talk Lana's make up look with our head of Make Up Rebecca Elliot.

Tell us how you create Lana's make up look?

We created a very classic old Hollywood makeup look for Lana. Being very into anything vintage and fashion, we have brought this look through in her makeup.

A flawless matte base, sweep of pink on her lips with a strong liquid liner flick and defined brows with waves of mascara along her top lashes only. Soft pink toned cheeks and of course her signature look bright pop coloured lips in reds, hot pink and bright tangerine orange.

What is the secret to Lana's hair?

Lana's hair is very 1940s inspired. We always start by settling her hair in large hot roller which is then combed out and the roots are backcombed. We often add pin curls, victory rolls or vintage style headbands and bows.

How long does it take to create Lana's look every day?

Brooke Williams (Lana) spends an hour in the chair having her hair and makeup done and nail polish put on. She spends a lot of her day with rollers in her hair between breaks on set.

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