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Steal her style: Jasmine Cooper

Pearl McGlashan plays Jasmine Cooper - Shortland Street TV2

Jasmine Cooper is played by Pearl McGlashan - Shortland Street TV2

Shortland Street's costume designer Nicola Newman tells us about Jasmine Cooper's style:
Jasmine Cooper is played by Pearl McGlashan.

Can you tell us a little bit about Jasmine's look?

Jasmine's quite quirky, but with designer taste! She often wears floaty, layered dresses and cardigans.

What are a couple of classic Jasmine garments?

A floral linen tea dress, a chiffon skater style pleated dress and short worn leather cowboy boots.

What's Jasmine's signature colour palette?
Soft pinks, blues and greens. She looks good in pastels.

Where are some good places to shop to get Jasmine's style?
Kate Sylvester, State of Grace, Dotti and Forever New.

Beauty! Makeup artist Tracey Nelson shares some handy hints about how she transforms actress Pearl McGlashan into Jasmine Cooper:

Because Pearl's character is a teenager we give her very natural makeup.

We start by lightly applying Mac's 'sculpt' foundation, followed by a wash all over her eyes using Mac's 'shroom' eyeshadow.

We then apply some mascara and a soft blush to her cheeks.

We use paw paw on her lips and also sometimes a Mac gloss, for example 'love nectar'.

Hair:  We blow dry Pearl's hair with a large round brush and usually clip her fringe over to one side, as her character Jasmine wears glasses.

Some hair/makeup product essentials: Mac's 'sculpt' foundation and 'shroom' eye shadow.

Catch Pearl as Jasmine Cooper, weeknights 7pm TV2.