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Steal her style: Gabrielle Jacobs

Gabrielle Jacobs - Shortland Street TV2

A glamorous Gabrielle Jacobs - Shortland Street TV2

Surgeon Gabrielle Jacobs on Shortland Street TV2

We asked Head of Wardrobe at Shortland Street Nicola how she decided on a look and style for the character of Dr Gabrielle Jacobs.

N icola says:

Decisive Dr Gabrielle Jacobs knows what she likes and dislikes.

During the day, Gabrielle tends to keep it simple and functional. She likes classic no-fuss designs. Shopping isn't something Gabrielle enjoys so she has a small yet practical wardrobe.
But that's not to say that Gabrielle doesn't know how to glam it up.

When a cocktail party calls, Gabrielle can pull together an extremely sensational look, as demonstrated by this photo of her at dinner.

Gabrielle wears her clothes with confidence. When she looks good, she knows it.

How do you create Gabrielle's look?

By choosing practical - yet well made, nicely designed garments. By keeping her accessories to a minimum. Gabrielle wears a simple wrist watch that keeps her on time.

You'll often see Gabrielle wearing...?

A basic scoop-neck top and some simple black trousers. 

Gabrielle's signature colour palette is?

Earth coloured tones such as teals, browns, maroons and greys. These tend to suit her delicate complexion.

How do I get Gabrielle's look?

Many of Gabrielle's clothes are from Kookai, Max, Stax and Sussan - as they often have simple no-fuss designs and great basics.


Then we asked Shorty's make-up department what they do to create Gabrielle's look:

Hair: To get Gabrielle's look, we blow-wave Virginie's hair with a large round brush and then run the straighteners through the very ends - this gives it a more textured look.

We then use a small amount of back combing at her roots to give her hair more volume.

Makeup: We use M.A.C products to create Gabrielle's look. Dr Jacobs isn't too focused on girly things like make-up, so we use very natural colours on her.

Some essential Gabrielle beauty products are:
We use M.A.C face/body No3. Chocolate brown liquid liner for her eyes. And Wash M.A.C Shroom eye shadow. For her lips we use M.A.C lipstick in Plumful and Faux.

Catch Virginie le Brun as Gabrielle Jacobs, weeknights on Shortland Street TV2.