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Steal her style: Brooke Freeman

Brooke Freeman

We spoke to Shortland Street's stylist Nicola Newman, about how she achieves Brooke Freeman's (Beth Allen) classic style:

Can you tell us a little bit about Brooke's look?

Brooke's style was initially based on Katharine Hepburn, so tidy and stylish, with quite an hour-glass silhouette.

Her signature outfit would be a fitted blouse or jacket, paired with a high-waisted skirt and wide waist belt. Brooke always wears some killer heels and jewellery too.

What are a couple of classic Brooke garments?

Some classic Brooke garments would include a black fitted dress, worn with a belt and some gold jewellery and heels. This look is often teamed with a classic fitted jacket or stylish trench coat.

What's Brooke's signature colour palette?

Brooke's colour palette consists mostly of very dark tones, including black, brown, gold, gray and blue.

Cream is often worn to break it up a bit. Lately though, we've seen a softer, more vulnerable side of Brooke, so I've thrown in some bolder colours such as red and purple to illustrate this.

Where are some good places to shop to get Brooke's style?

State of Grace, Cue, Sway of Boutique, Isakelle, Decjuba, Kookai, Country Road, Portmans, Calvin Klein and Saben bags.

Makeup artist Tracey Nelson shares some handy hints about how she transforms actress Beth Allen into Brooke Freeman. 

We start by using Mac studio-sculpt foundation then she has a selection of cream and green eye shadows with a matching Mac eyeliner.

We apply a creamy peachy blusher and lots of lip gloss, usually with a lipstick underneath.

Hair:  Beth recently had a Keratin Relaxing treatment (from Stephen Marr) in her hair, which has been great as it makes blow drying her hair much easier and the feel of her hair amazing.

Beth's hair is naturally very curly, and tends to kink with the slightest hint of moisture. But with this treatment, it resists the humidity.

This is incredibly helpful at Shortland Street for continuity.

Some hair product essentials: Before the hair treatment we used a Rusk Smoother in her hair before blow drying. But now we don't need to use anything and it looks fabulous.

Beth uses the recommended shampoo and conditioner in her hair to keep it in optimum condition.


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