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Spotlight on Sarah Potts

Mother and son: Sarah and Daniel Potts

Sarah packed up her life in Ferndale and left to work on an exciting medical research opportunity in Boston - look back over her adventures on Shortland Street here:

Vivacious and driven, Sarah burst onto the Shortland Street scene in 2004.

Having worked in London and New York, (where she learned cutting edge ED techniques), she had also done volunteer work in Africa.

Sarah literally crashed into Craig Valentine's life when she smashed into his car, but it was a while before the two finally admitted they wanted a future together.

More on that later!

In her early days at Shortland Street, Sarah became intrigued by CEO Andrew Solomon, a man who kept his personal life very private.

The two made a seemingly happy connection.

Minutes after they married, Andrew's ex (and very pregnant) girlfriend Robyn Stokes turned up. Andrew and Sarah's relationship was shattered and he returned to the UK with Robyn.

During this time, we learned that Sarah had a son, Daniel, who had been raised by her parents.

Initially Dan believed he was Sarah's brother.

Sarah found it hard to tell Daniel the truth but when he found out, he went to live in Samoa with his biological father.

He has since returned to New Zealand and is part of Sarah's life.

After a few flings ( with con-man Hamish Flynn, then a school boy, then drug addict Mackie Bowen,) the hapless loser in love finally hooked up with Craig Valentine.

But the happiness was not to last.

Craig's ex-fiancee Huia became pregnant after a one-night affair with him in Rotorua.

Sarah confronted an unrepentant Huia in the carpark and seconds later, Huia was blown up in a car bomb!

Craig blamed Sarah for Huia's death.  Sarah turned to the comforting arms of Huia's cousin, TK Samuels.

Here she discovered a safe haven after the stormy waters of her time with Craig.

In 2007, she married TK.

She announced her intention to have a baby with her new husband.

Then Sarah began to experience a host of symptoms including muscle weakness, numbness, tiredness and mood swings.

Craig diagnosed MS, but she wanted to keep this from TK.

In mid 2008, Craig was killed at the hands of drug company Scott Spears' thugs.

A grief-stricken Sarah performed a beautiful tribute at his funeral.

After months of deception, she revealed the truth about her health to TK.

She terminated her pregnancy.

Accepting that her illness was progressing, she sadly relinquished her role as Head of ED.

Her son Daniel Potts returned to Ferndale and she tried to adjust to being full-time mum to a teenage boy.

Daniel became involved with petty crime and Sarah was at her wits' end dealing with him.

She was lured back to part-time work at the hospital by Brooke Freeman.

Tension built over Sarah and TK's decision not to have any more children.

Sarah became head of the PCC at Brook's expense.

Meanwhile, homeless Brooke moved in with TK and Sarah and began to exploit the tension between them. undermining their relationship.

At Xmas 2009, they separated and Sarah found herself being consoled by Head of ED, Maxwell Avia.

She and Daniel moved in with Maxwell but the relationship was doomed when Maxwell's ex-wife Vasa and his daughter Ula came to Ferndale.

Sarah opened her own private GP clinic with TK's help, but it didn't last.

In 2010, Daniel and his girlfriend Loren announced they were having a baby but Loren later decided to terminate the pregnancy.

Sarah's support caused a rift with Danile but the two later patched up their differences.

Sarah broke up with Maxwell after he spent the night with Vasa.

She realised that she still loved TK and wanted to be with him.

At the same time she was offered a chance to work in Boston with a leading MS research team.

TK encouraged Sarah to follow her dream, even though she wanted to stay in Ferndale and recommit to their relationship.

Sarah left, reluctantly.

And so came to an end, one of Shortland Street's greatest love stories.

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