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Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

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Monday 22 August (6063 & 6064)

Esther makes a mortifying mistake. Rachel keeps secrets from Chris. Lucy discovers a shocking, hurtful secret.

Tuesday 23 August (6065)

Lucy finds an escape. Kate considers a romantic prospect. Curtis is cornered.

Wednesday 24 August (6066)

Curtis is unfairly beaten. Ali is caught up in dark secrets. Kylie receives a sobering warning.

Thursday 25 August (6067)

Drew battles his brother. Rachel and Ali are caught in a web of lies. Kate makes Mo an offer he can't refuse.

Friday 26 August (6068)

Kate cuts off her nose to spite her date. Esther drops her bundle. Chris tries to bag a confession.


Monday 29 August (6069 & 6070)

Rachel finds herself vulnerable and alone. Cam uses alcohol to win friends. Esther makes a life and death call.

Tuesday 30 August (6071)

Bella causes a disturbance. Cam's work leaves a sour taste for Vinnie. The Warners are in crisis.

Wednesday 31 August (6072)

Boyd is haunted by demons. Jack makes an upsetting discovery. Chris loses control.

Thursday 1 September (6073)

Harry suffers on many fronts. Kylie has a rude awakening.

Friday 2 September (6074)

Kylie can't deal with Cam. Harry's hopes rise. Leanne is at the mercy of the dark side.