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Series 2, Episode 12 Surprise 29 Aug 14 00:40:21

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Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand.

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Monday 25th August (5571 & 5572)

Boyd shoots himself in the foot. Evan woos Marnie with food. The Warners harbour an unknown enemy.

Tuesday 26th August (5573)

Kylie thinks her secret’s safe. Evan’s beaten by Matrimony. Love prevails for Bella and Dallas.

Wednesday 27th August (5574)

Kane hides his hurt. Lucy lands Garrett in trouble. The ball is left in Kylie’s court.

Thursday 28th August (5575)

Ula misses her chance. Bella makes a mate. Dayna realises Kane’s caught in a downward spiral.

Friday 29th August (5576)

Dayna becomes an undercover supporter. Leanne receives more than she bargained for.


Monday 1st September (5577)

Honesty pays off for Ula. Kane’s humbled by friendship. Nicole’s powerless to protect Leanne.

Tuesday 2nd September(5578)

Ula‘s heart battles with her head. Boyd takes the high Road. Should Brooke show mercy?

Wednesday 3rd September (5579)

Brooke’s buoyed by Boyd. Ula’s torn between love and lust.

Thursday 4th September (5580)

Leanne fears the truth may hurt. Rachel’s confronted by her past..

Friday 5th September (5581)

Rachel stirs up gossip. Ula faces heartbreak at work and home. Nicole pushes the wrong couple together.