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Series 2, Episode 5 Human Trials 20 Nov 14 00:40:46

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Shortland Street

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Monday 17th November (5631)

Garrett battles to win approval. Dallas is hiding a guilty secret. Harper defends her territory.

Tuesday 18th November (5632)

Boyd wins an opponent onside. Ula’s doubts over Garrett resurface. Dallas sweats bullets.

Wednesday 19th November (5633)

Lucy sends Bella on a mission. Rachel heals old wounds. Dallas lashes out at the wrong person.

Thursday 20th November (5634)

Dallas and Garrett fight for their relationships. Kane feels deflated in victory. Kylie’s forced to face her fear.

Friday 21st October (5635)

Kylie plays matchmaker. Lucy gets help from up high. Dallas finally blows it.


Monday 24th November (5636)

Dallas holds onto hope. Harper gets taken for a ride. Dayna has to face her fears to save Murray.

Tuesday 25th November (5637)

Dayna discovers her brave heart. Nicole takes the cake. Garrett risks it all to do the right thing.

Wednesday 26th November (5638)

Harper’s caught in a grudge match. Dayna chooses the most in need. Nicole teeters between honesty and deceit.

Thursday 27th November (5639)

Murray is his own worst enemy. Vinnie suffers. Rachel is compromised by friendship.

Friday 28th October (5640)

Vinnie restores belief. Lucy proves her worth. Kylie’s dream becomes a nightmare.