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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

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Monday 30 November (5890)

Margaret's sins return to haunt her. Ali and Esther indulge a fantasy. Drew finds a wolf at his door.

Tuesday 1 December (5891)

Margaret digs herself deeper. Curtis meets his match. Drew’s trapped by his reputation.

Wednesday 2 December (5892)

Harper plays with fire. Esther plays a player.

Thursday 3 December (5893)

Ali's burdened by a terrible secret. Curtis confronts the enemy threatening his family.

Friday 4 December (5894)

Margaret takes another step into the lion's den. Vinnie faces a family foe.


Monday 7 December (5895)

Bella tries to backtrack. Vinnie's competitiveness is a nightmare. Victoria is vulnerable and betrayed.

Tuesday 8 December (5896)

Victoria's given unexpected hope. Vinnie finds the Christmas spirit. Drew regrets his rash words.

Wednesday 9 December (5897)

Wendy discovers a huge family secret. Harper puts her life in Drew's hands.

Thursday 10 December (5898)

Love overcomes all for harper. A dark shadow falls over Shortland Street.

Friday 11 December

Shortland Street takes a break this Friday.