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Series 1, Episode 1 Pilot 19 Sep 14 00:42:55

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Monday 15th September (5587)

Vinnie and Nicole fight for their rights. Evan keeps his private life private. Ula and Dayna have a smashing night.

Tuesday 16th September(5588)

Dayna bears the brunt. Chris tries to lose Lucy. Wendy pushes Murray too far.

Wednesday 17th September (5589)

Kane finds a new reason to get out of bed. Evan risks all. Chris pays the price for peace.

Thursday 18th September (5590)

Nicole falls in love a little more. Chris gets Rachel her heart's desire. Kane finds love where he wasn't expecting.

Friday 19th September (5591)

Harper's left high and dry. Nicole's parenting is put to the test. Kane loses a mate.


Monday 22nd September (5592)

Ula’s efforts to protect backfire. Harper struggles to fill the void in her life.

Tuesday 23rd September(5593)

Harper finds a new purpose. Wendy wins with a motherknows- Best attitude. Ula fears she’s set Dayna up for a fall.

Wednesday 24th September (5594)

Ula searches for a friend. Murray discovers an unexpected secret. Boyd is blindsided.

Thursday 25th September (5595)

Boyd can’t hold his tongue. Kylie ties herself up with Boyd. Murray isn’t able to protect Evan.

Friday 26th September (5596)

Wendy wards off Evan’s evil. Dayna’s life loses its spark. Nicole’s family ties come undone.