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Monday 12 October (5856)

Lucy learns the hard way. Victoria loses friends and allies. Bella's baby causes heartbreak for Jimmy.

Tuesday 13 October (5857)

A new family is formed. Curtis enlists a stupid cupid. Margaret realises there's a rival for Mo's affections.

Wednesday 15 October (5858)

Margaret cosies up to her rival. TK’s paranoia comes home to roost. One mistake puts everything at risk for Curtis.

Thursday 15 October (5859)

Curtis struggles to come clean. Margaret’s dark secret renders her powerless. TK misses a friend in need.

Friday 16 October (5860)

TK’s instincts prove right. Chris makes an enemy. Drew’s in hot water.


Monday 19 October (5861)

Mo accidentally terrorises Damo. TK tries to tame, Esther. Drew's bluff is called.

Tuesday 20 October (5862)

Drew's mistakes catch up with him. Dayna's world is turned upside-down. TK betrays his real feelings.

Wednesday 21 October (5863)

TK steps back to go forward. Bella's caught between her Baby and her grandfather. Drew's shocked when redemption is demanded.

Thursday 22 October (5864)

Drew's mistake lives on to haunt Rachel. Nicole loses her man. Bella's worst fears materialise.

Friday 23 October

Off air due to Labour Weekend programming.