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Series 2, Episode 1 The 48 23 Oct 14 00:40:46

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Monday 27th October (5616)

Dayna’s won over by flattery. Kane struggles with a secret. Vinnie is his own worst enemy.

Tuesday 28th October (5617)

Vinnie has a change of attitude. Chris steps up to win Harry. Dayna plays with fire.

Wednesday 29th October (5618)

Dayna falls deeply. Bella sees through a lie. Chris pays the price.

Thursday 30th October (5619)

Chris finally gets a win. Kane goes into bat for his mate. Bella sees a new side to Dallas.

Friday 31st October (5620)

Honour and Kane take the next step. Kylie goes too far. Bella gets a Halloween message from the other side.


Monday 3rd November (5621)

Bella can't escape the past. Harper let's her emotions get the better of her. Dayna falls under an evil influence.

Tuesday 4th November (5622)

Dayna gets in deeper with the devil. Nicole's kindness backfires. Harper is shocked by love.

Wednesday 5th November (5623)

Harper dodges her feelings. Wendy's computer coup crashes. Kane's confronted by a grim future.

Thursday 6th November (5624)

Chris fights to keep his baby. Kane finds strength through honour. Dallas neutralises Kronos.

Friday 31st October (5625)

Dallas gets his knickers in a twist. Rachel lets Grace in. Honour puts it all on the line for love.