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Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

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Monday 4th May (5731)

Kane makes a new enemy. Vinnie fears Nicole wants out.

Tuesday 5th May (5732)

Vinnie gets to the crux of Nicole's problem. Harper finds a new ambition. Kane's good deed is torpedoed.

Wednesday 6th May (5733)

Kane's enemy draws closer. Dayna falls for a handsome, troubled stranger. Nicole's caught in a web of lies.

Thursday 7th May (5734)

Jimmy fights for approval. Kane struggles to trust a criminal. Chris is caught in the gun.

Friday 8th May (5735)

Rachel drags Chris into suburban warfare. Kane reaches out to Dayna. Wendy experiences an illicit thrill.


Monday 11th May (5736)

Wendy struggles with a forbidden attraction. Victoria extends a hand of friendship. Clementine makes a big mistake.

Tuesday 12th May (5737)

Clementine learns her lesson the hard way. The Warners accept defeat. Boyd worries Victoria’s got too close for comfort.

Wednesday 13th May (5738)

Victoria hardens her heart. Harper says too much. Harry gets busted.

Thursday 14th May (5739)

Chris fights to save the enemy. Harper resolves to fight the good fight. Kane makes a huge sacrifice for a friend.

Friday 15th May (5740)

Harper tries and fails to save the day. Kane puts himself at risk to save a mate. Chris’s victory is short-lived.