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Series 2, Episode 8 An Affair To Surrender 25 Jul 14 00:41:22

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Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand.

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Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand.

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Monday 21st July (5541 & 5542)

Brooke can’t win. Kane’s an honest boy in a dishonest world. Garrett runs from real love. Garrett’s cruel kindness hurts everyone.

Tuesday 22nd July (5543)

Emma and Murray play the blame game. Chris cheats on Rachel. Garrett betrays his family.

Wednesday 23rd July (5544)

Garrett gets an unwelcome flatmate. Evan loses money but gains respect. Ula and Leanne battle it out.

Thursday 24th July (5545)

Vinnie attempts the impossible: keeping everyone happy. Garrett’s loyal through lies. Boyd crushes on Brooke’s new boss.

Friday 25th July (5546)

Boyd proves he’s his own worst enemy. Emma meets her match.


Monday 28th July (5547 & 5548)

TK worries history’s about to repeat. Ula gets drawn back in. Kylie throws herself between rival factions. Emma’s efforts are undercut. Sarah risks and wins. Rachel takes a dangerous gamble.

Tuesday 29th July (5549)

Rachel races the clock. Leanne’s sweet plans turn sour.

Wednesday 30th July (5550)

Vinnie’s manipulated into misfortune. Kylie bravely faces a new future. Dayna heeds a harsh home truth.

Thursday 31st July (5551)

Dayna doesn’t make a difference. Bella deals with a baby boo-boo. Leanne tries to prove her worth.

Friday 1st August (5552)

Dallas bumbles a bid for babies. Sarah’s blinded by ambition. Kylie’s caring goes awry.