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Series 4, Episode 5 Prophets 22 Oct 14 00:41:52

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Monday 20th September (5607)

Dallas agrees to a showdown; Kylie digs herself a hole; and a proud Vinnie takes a fall.

Tuesday 21st September (5608)

Vinnie makes a new enemy; Grace is reduced to the other woman; and Lucy's caught in a compromising position.

Wednesday 22nd October (5609)

Harry's lies work too well; Dayna can't keep her opinions to herself; and Chris realises his grace period is over.

Thursday 23rd October (5610)

Chris gets left right out; Kane accidentally sets his friends up for a fall; and Dayna has an unwelcome admirer.


Monday 27th September (5611)

Dayna’s won over by flattery. Kane struggles with a secret. Vinnie is his own worst enemy.

Tuesday 28th September (5612)

Vinnie has a change of attitude. Chris steps up to win Harry. Dayna plays with fire.

Wednesday 29th October (5613)

Dayna falls deeply. Bella sees through a lie. Chris pays the price.

Thursday 30th October (5614)

Chris finally gets a win. Kane goes into bat for his mate. Bella sees a new side to Dallas.

Friday 31st October (5615)

Honour and Kane take the next step. Kylie goes too far. Bella gets a Halloween message from the other side.