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Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

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Monday 6 July (5779 & 5780)

TK looks at the man in the mirror. Pixie finds her courage from others. Dayna can’t defend her failures.

Tuesday 7 July (5781)

Victoria protects her heart. TK makes a surprising new enemy. Jimmy lets family slip through the cracks.

Wednesday 8 July (5782)

Jimmy fails his offspring. Vinnie’s sleuthing succeeds. Rachel and TK are caught in a trap.

Thursday 9 July (5783)

Pania plays dirty. Rachel swings into fighting mode. Vinnie sets a trap.

Friday 10 July (5784)

Vinnie and Nicole are blind to a breakthrough. Love hurts for Mo. TK pushes a friend to the edge.


Monday 13 July (5785 & 5786)

Leanne finds an unlikely friend. Kylie's suspicions are aroused. Leanne sees red. Nicole and Vinnie go a step too far.

Tuesday 14 July (5787)

Kylie smells a rat. Lucy does all she can to help Nora. Jimmy fights for his rights to be a father.

Wednesday 15 July (5788)

Jimmy finds an unlikely ally. Kylie finds unwelcome proof. Lucy comes face to face with her stalker.

Thursday 16 July (5789)

Lucy and Alex move into new territory. Rachel goes it alone. TK turns his back on his principles.

Friday 17 July (5790)

Lucy chooses love over lust. Pania takes drastic measures.