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Sisters at war

Lana and Gabrielle Jacobs - Shortland Street TV2

Jonathon McKenna and Gabrielle Jacobs - Shortland Street TV2

Shortland Street fans recently learned more about the family life of gifted surgeon Gabrielle Jacobs, with the arrival of her sister Lana to the hospital.

Now settled into her role as PA to CEO Callum McKay, budding fashion designer Lana has been making waves in sister Gabrielle's life - but why?

This week, we uncover more answers as the rift between sisters reaches boiling point. 

Suspicious of Lana's (Brooke Williams) actions, Jonathan (Kieren Hutchison) decides to confront her and is shocked to discover how deep her meddling in Gabrielle's (Virginie Le Brun) life has been.

Walking in on Jonathan's tirade to Lana, Gabrielle is distressed to discover this information and demands Lana leave Ferndale.

Not one to walk away without a battle, Lana decides Gabrielle needs to hear a few home truths and Gabrielle is soon blindsided with what Lana has to reveal.

She has information of her own about their life as sisters and her feelings about growing up with her.

Plus she reveals a family secret which will leave them both reeling.

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