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A Sibling Showdown for TV's Sexiest Man

Pua Magasiva in Sione's 2 - Shortland Street on TV2

Robbie Magasiva - Shortland Street on TV2

The nominees in the country's biggest people's choice TV awards are out and the contest promises to be thrilling as brothers and actors from Shortland Street will battle it out for the title of Sexiest Man on TV.

Pua Magasiva and Robbie Magasiva, who play Vinnie Kruse and Maxwell Avia will be going head-to-head in the TV Guide Best on the Box Awards.

Also in the running for awards from Shortland Street are Jacquie Nairn (Wendy Cooper) and Amanda Billing (Sarah Potts) in the Best Actress category, Gerald Urquhart (Luke Durville) and George Henare (Henare Ngatai) in the Best Actor category, Kim Crossman (Sophie McKay) in the Sexiest Woman category, Pearl McGlashan (Jasmine Cooper) and Frankie Adams (Ula Levi) in the Rising Star category plus Shortland Street is up for Best Drama!

TV watchers will ultimately determine who ends up on top by voting for this title as well as the winners of 24 other categories in the TV Guide Best on the Box Awards.

TV Guide Editor Julie Eley says it will be an exciting contest and is very keen to see how the Awards play out, particularly with the Sexiest Man category.

"We have been running the awards for more than 10 years but this is the first time two siblings have been nominated and within the same category," says Julie.  "This year's Awards could very well end up as a showdown between the handsome and talented Magasiva brothers.

"But with two nominations to their names each, Tamati, Jeremy, Simon and Jay will pose stiff competition," Julie adds.

Voting forms will be published in the February 9 and 16 issues of TV Guide and online, visit . See the website or your TV Guide for the full list of nominees.

Voting closes on Friday, March 2 at 5pm with winners announced in the March 15 issue of the magazine. 

Click below to get voting and make sure to show your support for Shortland Street!

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