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The Shorty Street curse strikes again!

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Cue the spooky music....

Over the years, real-life events have coincided in an uncanny way with Shortland Street storylines. 

Life imitating art?  Or simply testament to how good Shortland Street is at picking up on the concerns of New Zealanders? 

What makes the coincidence even more amazing is that the storylines for each episode are decided over four months before it is broadcast - and unless theres a major calamity like an actor's illness, they don't change. 

The phenomenon has become known as the Shortland Street curse

Memorable examples include the nurses strike of 1992, students marrying for bigger loans, neo-Nazis lurking in the suburbs, Maia and Jay's civil union (complete with Serenity Church protestors), and last years' stories about txt and pxt bullying. 

It's a result of writers looking at trends in the news and asking, if this is happening now, what will be next? 

There have been one or two spooky occurrences. 

In 2003 we ran a one hour episode where the hospital's back up generators failed during a power cut, leading to much drama. 

There was some debate over how likely this was in a major hospital, but within a fortnight, Starship had a power cut and their back-up generator failed. 

If that wasn't enough, South Pacific Pictures' studios came to a standstill the Friday before the episode went to air, due to an area-wide power cut. 

There was also the time a small earthquake occurred in the Hawke's Bay the same night as Shortland Street's quake.

The latest example of this is the staging on Shortland Street  of The Importance of Being Earnest, starring your Ferndale faves - and witha  special guest appearance by Paul Holmes as Lady Bracknell.

From March 11th - April 3rd, the Auckland Theatre Company ATC is putting on its own production of... The Importance of Being Earnest.

Coincidence? Or is some greater force at work in the universe?  - You decide!