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Shorty stars join Paddle for Hope

Shortland Street stars are joining Paddle for Hope

Chris Tempest, Kerry-Lee Dewing, Sam Bunkall & Frankie Adams are doing Paddle For Hope to raise money for The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation!

For Sam and Frankie the training for this event has been their first experience giving stand-up paddle boarding a go.

“I can’t guarantee that we will win the race,” Frankie told Woman’s Day. “But we will definitely have fun trying.”

Come along and support them this Saturday (2nd November) at the Western Viaduct Harbour, downtown Auckland. The event has some exciting stuff for the whole family.

Shortland Street’s team is trying to raise $1000 for The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation, see how you can help them out at:




Shortland Street, weeknights at 7pm