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Shorty star is baking up a storm!

Brooke Williams is supporting SPCA Cupcake Day - Shortland Street

Brooke Williams (Lana) and the rest of the cast and crew from Shortland Street are getting behind SPCA’s annual Cupcake Day!

Cupcake Day is a crucial source of funding for the SPCA and this year Cupcake Day will be held on Monday August 27th.

It’s a really fun way for people to get involved and help and Sally Martin explained why Shorty is supporting the SPCA and Cupcake Day.

“The SPCA is an amazing organisation,’ she says.

“It can help introduce otherwise unwanted animals to people who can show them a wonderful new life. And the joy and companionship and love that people get from pets really is incomparable. It's win/win.”

Brooke Williams visited the Erin Simpson Show and explained why she’s taking part in Cupcake Day.

Watch Brooke on The Erin Simpson Show here.

“I absolutely adore all animals, to the point where my friends make fun of me because I’m so obsessed, and I’ve always supported what the SPCA do,” she reveals. 

“When I heard about Cupcake Day, it was something I really wanted to be involved with and I really wanted to be involved with spreading the word.”

The SPCA are encouraging volunteers like Brooke to register to become cupcake cooks and sell their cupcakes at their businesses, schools, clubs etc.

For more information and to register as a baker visit the SPCA Cupcake Day website

Back at Shorty HQ, Brooke will be baking up a storm and selling her cupcakes on Monday to the rest of the Shorty cast and crew.

But which cast member does Brooke think will be her best customer?

“Definitely Pua, who plays Vinnie,” she laughs. “I reckon he’ll be right into it.” 

You can join in and get baking or simply get your hands on a Cupcake Day cupcake this Monday!



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