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Shorty's latest Cleo Bachelor finalist

The top 12 finalists of the Cleo Bachelor of the Year 2015 competition have just been announced, and our very own Reuben Milner is one of them!    

Reuben plays Jack Hannah on Shortland Street, and his character has now grown to be one of the core cast members with the introduction of his new onscreen family.

Voting is now live at and you have exactly one month to cast your vote to support Reuben.

You can also check out his video interview here



Reuben shares with us his most annoying habits, his Celeb crush and much more:

Sum yourself up in one sentence…

A staunchly proud kiwi with a big heart and even bigger sense of humour.

What’s your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

Watch movies or go for a skate.

Who is your celeb crush?

Cara Delevingne - so funny and absolutely gorgeous!

What’s your most annoying habit?

I sleep talk almost every night.

What do you find a turn-off when it comes to girls?

Girls who think that they are better than everyone else and who look down on people because of their appearance.

What are you addicted to?

Scuba diving, it’s another world down there. It’s so beautiful.


Reuben's role as teenager Jack was initially intended to be a small guest role, and Reuben spent his time commuting between his hometown of Whangarei and Auckland for filming.

But in 2015, the talented young actor got the phone call to let him know that the producer of Shortland Street wanted to make Jack a permanent character, and introduce the character's family to the show as well.