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Shorty celebrates 300,000 fans on Facey

Shortland Street hitting 300k fans - Shortland Street on TV2

Shortland Street is set to celebrate another milestone achievement. Any day now, the Shorty Street Facebook page will hit 300,000 fans and we think that’s pretty cool.

If we can crack the 300,000 mark sometime next week, we will load some special video messages from some our your favourite actors as a way to say thank you to all you fans that love and support  the show.

We will round up three of our boy actors and three of our girl actors to take us on personalised tours of the Shortland Street building, showing you guys the super-secret places they like to hang out when they are at work. And you can guarantee that the boys’ places to hang will be VERY different to the girls’.

“I have turned my dressing room in to my very own gym room,” says Pua Magasiva (who plays Vinnie). “It’s my private little haven where I get to work out between scenes and if we can get to 300,000 fans on the facebook page, I am going to take you for a tour of my room. Nobody but the actors get to hang out in our dressing room area so you will be seeing a top secret area of Shortland Street studios.”

As further reward for reaching this milestone, we will get the actors to answer some personal questions from fans on the facebook page. So if you have a burning question for the cast of Shortland Street, post it on the page here and we will answer some of them in our video posts.

“Maybe someone should ask Pua and Tyler (Evan Cooper) why their dressing room smells so bad?” says Kerry-Lee Dewing (who plays Kylie). “Seriously, every time I go near their room, I have to stand well back!”

So encourage your friends to like the Shorty page so that we can reach our next milestone! And in return, we will take you on a super-secret, video tour of the Shortland Street building.



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