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Shooting the 2015 Cast Photo

Ever wondered how a cast image goes from idea to final product? Check out the process in this exclusive look behind-the-scenes!




Every year we sit down and go through a series of visions that we have for how the image should look.

Some years we head off the beaten track and take the image to the beach, other years we utilize the sets that the Shortland Street studio has to offer.

After 2014s bright and colourful shoot in the revamped IV bar, we decided we wanted 2015s image to be more of an action shot and what place could be more action-packed than Shortland Street hospital!

From there we decide on lighting (do we want it to be night or day?), clothing (should they be wearing hospital uniforms, or every day wear?) and interactions (are the characters looking at the camera or off into the distance?) Then we start to plan the positioning of the characters.

When it comes to positioning, it doesnt just have to be storyline that determines where people are placed, sometimes its simply that the height of the actors works better in certain areas of image. Its not always an indication of what is coming up!

Our photographer, Jae Frew, then takes the ideas that we have discussed and comes back with a mock-up a drawing of what he envisages the image to look like.



From there we hire a stylist, to source the clothes, and make-up artists to ensure that everyone looks their very best.

Then we schedule a massive shoot to get each actor photographed. Because of the way we film Shortland Street, we cant get access to all the actors at the same time. So we have to shoot them in small groups and then utilize Jaes skills to put them all in the photo together.





As always, many of the newer cast members were surprised to discover that not everyone is in the same room at the same time when the photo is being put together.

But theres no doubt that the final picture is one that the Shortland Street cast is all extremely proud of!