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Shaun's big weekend: Homeward Bound

Christchurch based actor Shaun Edwards-Brown plays ambulance officer Ben Goodall on Shortland Street. He recently headed back to the Garden City and shares the fun with us:


Had a great weekend down in Christchurch at St Thomas School's formal, which was held at the Hotel Grand Chancellor.

After a long week of shooting at Shortland Street , I grabbed a Jetstar flight (on time) and whizzed down to sunny Christchurch to catch up with my family and crack out a few songs at a gig.

Having done a few in the past, I was unsure how it would turn out, but man, it was amazing!

When we turned up, the students were so stoked to see a 'Shorty' dude, although most seemed more excited about how well I knew the others, especially Faye Smythe (who plays Tania Jeffries) and Ido Drent (who plays Daniel Potts).

The night started with a hiss and a roar, unlike the slow start you often get.

And after a short break for some food, we carried on and tore the roof off the place.

Although I'd have to say, the highlight of the evening was the 300 boys whipping their shirts off to do an amazing rendition of the Haka 'Kapa O Pango'.