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Shortland Street

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September on Shorty Street

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

Shortland Street on TVNZ OnDemand.

After an emotional August, things in Ferndale are as tense and as unpredictable as ever.

The loss of Pixie is still sending shockwaves through the Shortland Street community, and the Hannah family have become even more segregated by their grief.


Curtis's bad boy tendencies continue to dominate his decisions, with his drunken rampages becoming more and more frequent.

Lucy decides she can't keep turning a blind eye, and with the support of Dayna, resolves to cut him loose. But when things escalate, and Curtis threatens the lives of the Warner family, Lucy feels she has to step in and stop him from doing something he might regret.

Meanwhile, Jack focuses on his studies and tries not to get caught up in it all.

But when the police come looking for Curtis, they mistakenly arrest Jack instead. Will Curtis flee, or will his loyalty to his brother hold him back?


Margaret throws herself into her work, anything to take her mind off things, but as her boss, Vinnie feels pressured when she's not performing as she should.

She's still hiding her spending from Mo, going to great lengths to keep it a secret, but when Mo discovers the extent of her deceit, he's angry and shocked at her betrayal. 

The past is temporarily forgotten, when they bond over their shared concerns for their son's welfare. They resolve to help keep Curtis out of trouble, no matter the price.

Chris and Rachel do their best to help the Hannah family too, despite Curtis having caused havoc for their family.


On a happier note, Nicole and Vinnie enjoy their special day, blissfully unaware of the tension around them. They dream of escaping for the perfect honeymoon, but the pressure of work and raising two children gets in the way.

Michael gives them a scare that snap them out of their honeymoon bliss and the couple sense he's feeling lonely. Vinnie resolves to cut back on his workload and pay more attention to his family.

Meanwhile, Jimmy pines for Bella. When he tries to help prepare for her return, he ends up making a mess of things, causing him to feel like a failure.

Dayna feels neglected too, when Jimmy doesn't take an interest in her ambitions, however, resolved to make a go of it on her own - she manages to impress Rachel with her proposal for The IV. With Rachel on side, and some encouragement and flattery from Drew, Dayna feels she can achieve her goals.

Lucy ends up in a lather as she takes on a new business venture, in the hope of distracting herself from troubled thoughts of Curtis. Things don't go to plan, but she's cheered when a new ambulance driver arrives to brighten her day.


Despite admitting she feels attracted to Drew, Harper is adamant that she wants nothing more to do with him. The thought of losing Boyd makes her feel sure that he's the one for her.

Drew's seemingly indestructible ego takes another bruising when there are complications with a patient and he fails to save her.

Victoria faces a challenging patient too, once again letting her emotions get in the way of treatment. When Chris intervenes, she becomes angry, accusing him of sexual discrimination. Chris senses she is emotionally unstable, but rather than punishing her, he does his best to decrease her workload.

Harper and Boyd are concerned for Victoria, worrying that she might be hiding something more than what she's letting on but Victoria continues to deny the complaints of former patient Trent, insisting she treated him as she would any other patient. But Trent's parting threat still hangs over Victoria, and resurfaces when she least expects it&

Purely by chance, Boyd discovers a suspicious mass on his kidney. Convincing himself that its harmless, he tries to distract himself with work, going along with Mo to an accident site. However, his life is endangered when a crazed and injured driver takes a hold of him.

Shaken but seemingly unhurt, Boyd and Mo return to Shortland Street.

But when the injured driver unexpectedly dies, and Boyd starts to feel strange, its clear that they were exposed to something toxic - will the doctors catch it in time to save him?