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September on Shortland Street

Murray (Matt Chamberlain) and Wendy (Jacquie Nairn) in Shortland Street on TV2

Jonathon (Kieran Hutchison) and Gabrielle (Virginie Le Brun) in Shortland Street on TV2

The Cooper family

Jill, Mona and Callum at breakfast in Shortland Street on TV2

TK (Ben Mitchell) and Sarah (Amanda Billing) in Shortland Street on TV2

Brooke Freeman - Shortland Street TV2

Jonathon McKenna - Shortland Street TV2

Bella with Zlata and Luke in Shortland Street on TV2

Maxwell, Vinnie and Nicole in Shortland Street on TV2

All Blacks with Brooke (Beth Allen) in Shortland Street on TV2

It's September on Shortland Street! And while things might be heating up outside as spring arrives, it's heating up 7pm as well!

Read on for our exclusive sneak preview of this month's dramas, romance, disappointments and revelations. 

There's heartache in the Cooper family this month, as one member suffers a dramatic health crisis which has far reaching consequences for the entire family.

Life seems to be going well for The Coopers of late; they've brought the IV and made a success of it, the kids all seem to be doing well at school and Wendy is enjoying work at the hospital.

But in September, the Coopers will be rocked to the core by a life or death situation that will have an impact on them all.

Can the normally close knit Cooper family cope with this shocking situation as a united family or will it tear them all apart?

Mother-in-law from hell, Mona McKay makes it known that she is the boss when she goes head to head with Callum McKay's new girlfriend Jill Kingsbury.

Ever since her return to Ferndale, Mona has made her disapproval of Jill glaringly obvious and Jill has made it clear that she isn't a huge fan of Mona's either.

In September, Mona the moaner steps up her plans to make Callum pay for her expensive retirement village, using every trick in the book to con her hapless son into coughing up the cash.

But Jill isn't so gullible and quickly notices Mona's scheming ways.

When Mona discovers that Callum owns a very expensive apartment, her plans step up a notch as she makes not only Jill's life hell, but new next door neighbours, Lana and Vinnie, as well.

Jill's going to have to play some serious hardball if she wants to beat Mona at her own game.

New mum Sarah Potts is forced to make one of the most difficult decisions of her life this month when the return of her MS symptoms leave her wondering if she is capable of looking after daughter Tillie.

Despite the best efforts of her ex-husband, TK and son Daniel to help her whenever possible, Sarah is terrified when her MS makes a return when she is at home with the baby by herself.

Left with no choice, Sarah makes a decision about her health that will have repercussions for all of those around her.

After Winston's dramatic departure, Brooke Freeman's new relationship with Alex Murphy appears to be going from strength to strength.

This month Alex decides to takes things to the next level and makes an offer of commitment that leaves Brooke stunned.

Just as she finally come to terms with Alex's offer, Brooke is shocked when Winston reappears with an overseas job proposal too good to refuse.

Will Brooke choose the love of her life over an enticing offer from Alex's rival?

In September, Jonathan McKenna becomes increasingly frustrated with Gabrielle's focus on work but is then pleasantly surprised when she announces she's juggled her schedule so they can go on holiday together.

But their holiday plans are shelved when Callum leaves on a business trip and appoints Gabrielle as CEO in his absence.

Facing mounting pressure from all sides, and a less than supportive Jonathan, Gabrielle begins to feel cornered and as problems build, she panics and quits as CEO. 

When Jonathan tries to point the blame at Chris and Rachel, an emotional Gabrielle explodes at Jonathon and lays out some very harsh truths about the state of their relationship.

Not known for her soft approach, Gabrielle's cutting opinion of their relationship might just be the final nail in the coffin for this unlikely couple.

Luke Durville has returned to Ferndale with a new attitude and a new love but it looks like his finance Zlata Waldheim is trying to make him into a new man as well.

After Zlata learns that Luke's reputation was damaged in the past, she takes it upon herself to makeover his image.

Convincing Luke to dress more professionally to impress head honchos at the DHB, Luke looks like a new man with his flashy Italian suits and his toupee.

But it's Zlata's insistence that he convert to her religion as well that leaves good friend, Bella Cooper really worried that Zlata doesn't love the real Luke for who he is.

Already prone to meddling, Bella decides to get involved and let Zlata know that changing Luke isn't the way to cement their relationship.

Not one to accept advice, Zlata isn't overly happy with Bella's meddling and soon Luke Durville is caught in the middle of a very tricky battle - between his fiancée and his best mate!

Maxwell Avia returns to Shortland Street this month, much to girlfriend Nicole Miller's delight.

But their happy reunion is short lived when Maxwell turns down a romantic evening in favour of heading into work, leaving Nicole confused and frustrated.

Why does Maxwell seem less than eager to be back in Ferndale?

Also in September, rugby fever hits Shorty as a few very special guest stars make an appearance to celebrate the start of the Rugby World Cup.

To coincide with the opening ceremony, members of the All Blacks make a stop at the hospital on their way to the first match against Tonga at Eden Park.

Also in an exciting first for Shortland Street , we'll be including some Rugby World Cup action into the story as rugby mad Ferndale residents react to results of the latest games.

Will they be cheering alongside the rest of the country after the grand final? Go the ABs!

Don't miss the All Blacks starring turn in Shortland Street this month.

Don't miss all the action on September in Shortland Street!

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