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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

September 20 - 24 2010

The Jeffries family: Maia, Libby, Yvonne and Tania

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Monday 20th September ( ep4586)

Chris is hurt after Rachel's rejection. He's deliberately obstructive when she consults with him about an upcoming private surgery. 

He flirts with the new surgeon he's working with, Jennifer Mason, to try and make Rachel jealous.  

Chris hopes Jennifer is as skilled a surgeon as she thinks she is when a complication arises mid surgery - the result of the patient's previous surgery, which has clearly been botched. 

Jennifer deals brilliantly with the crisis, leaving Chris impressed. 

But Chris is disappointed when he discovers that Jennifer was the previous surgeon, and warns Rachel against offering Jennifer any more work. 

When Chris gives Jennifer a chance to explain her deceit, she reveals that the "J Mason" responsible for the botched surgery is her husband, Jim Mason. 

They've just been through a messy divorce, and the last thing their strained relationship needs is accusations of malpractice. 

Chris returns to Rachel to correct his earlier impression of Jennifer.  

Rachel senses Chris has grown closer to Jennifer, and surprises him with a surge of jealousy.

Sarah's professionalism is tested by a misogynistic patient, Alvin Delaney. 

He only wants to be seen by his old doctor, TK, and refuses to be seen by a female doctor. 

The next day, Sarah finds Alvin collapsed in pain on the floor of triage.  She takes him to ED, where Maxwell ignores Alvin's pleas for TK and sets about treating him. 

Sarah chances upon TK and brings him to ED to cheer up Alvin.  A relieved Alvin shuns Maxwell and opens up to TK. 

Maxwell feels Sarah has undermined him.  Thinking TK still holds a candle for Sarah, he's primed to explode.

TK realises he's missed his chance with Tania.  He consoles himself with Scotty at the bar - but is distracted when Tania enters with Isaac. 

Isaac notices Tania and TK's awareness of each other and is put on alert.  Tania confides to Libby and Tracey that she kissed TK but when Isaac enters, she clams up.

Isaac accosts Libby and deduces that TK is the object of Tania's desire.  This is further confirmed by Maxwell, who vents that TK and Sarah still have a connection.  

When TK stumbles on old wedding photos on his computer, Isaac sees an opportunity. 

He sets the wedding photos as TK's screensaver and arranges for Tania to walk in and see them. 

However Maxwell beats them to it, and publicly rants at TK that it's time he got over Sarah. 

Tania and Isaac arrive and Tania is stung to realise TK only has eyes for Sarah, and re-evaluates her decision to move on from Isaac. 


Tuesday 21st September (ep 4587)

Sarah asserts that she is not secretly pining for TK.  Meanwhile, Isaac woos Tania and hopes that he is once again the front runner for her affections. 

TK agrees to let Brooke stay on as his flatmate, but sets clear boundaries - no relationship.

Tania talks over her confused feelings with Tracey and concludes that TK is definitely not over Sarah.

She decides to forget TK and focus on rebuilding her relationship with Isaac.

Isaac placates TK, explaining away the screensaver switch as accidental, but isn't happy Tania can't get her job back from Scotty.

Isaac picks on a theatre nurse, complaining about her lack of skills to send Scotty a message. 

Scotty offers Tania a job.  TK is pleased to hear of Tania's return as a staff member, but is disappointed when Tania makes it clear she is back together with Isaac.

Gerald is flattered by professional compliments from Leo, the new Executive Assistant, who arrives from Singapore fully briefed by Rachel.

Gerald gives Libby a good first review of their successor as they plan their wedding and departure.

Leo begins his job by strategically delegating a major task to Gerald, keeping him busy.

Wendy is frustrated when Mrs Johnson, one of her public patients, can't borrow a private TV to watch her granddaughter's TV appearance.

Wendy borrows an idle private TV anyway.

However, Wendy gets a warning from Callum when an obnoxious and demanding patient makes a fuss about it.

Wendy's patience is tested time and again by the obnoxious Alvin and his abuse of the buzzer system.

Wendy's patience is pushed even further when she catches him smoking in the toilet.

Then Mrs Johnson has to wait while Wendy responds to an emergency.

When it proves to be another false alarm from Alvin and Mrs Johnson falls while unsupervised, Wendy gives Alvin a stern telling off.

As they fight, he demands his remote control and Wendy almost throws it at him.

Scotty walks in on the name-calling and Wendy's out of control behaviour.


Wednesday 22nd September (ep 4588)

Nicole is troubled when Wendy asks to be taken off Alvin Delaney's care. 

Realising that Wendy needs to get her confidence back, Nicole leads her to believe that Nicole is going to encourage Alvin to smoke in the toilets.

Then she'll make sure he gets sprung.  Wendy is appalled at the idea, certain that Nicole will be caught. 

With no other option, Wendy confidently asks Scotty to reinstate her as Alvin's nurse. 

Scotty does so, and Wendy stands up to Alvin, laying down the law in a calm, assertive way. 

She also discovers Nicole's ruse, admitting that she owes Nicole a big favour.

Libby is tempted by an expensive wedding dress but reluctantly opts for the cheaper one. 

She has second thoughts when her sisters give her a pair of shoes that go perfectly with the expensive dress. 

Tania's frustrated about Libby's desire to spend up large on her sham wedding and confides in Isaac. 

Isaac pays the extra costs of the expensive dress, confident that it will win him points with Tania.  But Tania finds his gesture odd. 

She's also concerned when Libby begins to spend excessively on the wedding. 

Meanwhile, Gerald is annoyed when Leo takes credit for his work and then forces him to work though his break instead of attending his suit fitting. 

Gerald snaps when Leo wants him to work through his rescheduled appointment as well. 

Leo threatens that if Gerald doesn't do as he's told he can forget about working out the rest of his notice at Shortland Street. 

Gerald defies Leo and leaves.

Hunter suggests he and Brodie have an afternoon party at the flat.  Sophie is keen to attend and invites Bella who wants to pursue romance with Brodie. 

However, Brodie still has feelings for Sophie and is reluctant to become involved with Bella.  

Sophie mistakenly believes Brodie likes Bella and encourages Bella to pursue him.  

At the party, Brodie devises a game of strip table tennis and Sophie arranges it so he and Bella play each other. 

But the sexy game gives Bella the wrong idea and she kisses Brodie who rejects her. 

An upset Bella blames Sophie for misleading her about Brodie's feelings. 

Sophie confronts Brodie and is shocked when he reveals that he can't date Bella because he's in love with Sophie.


Thursday 23rd September (ep 4589)

Feeling bad about Brodie's declaration of love, Sophie does her best to clear the air. 

Brodie is keen to put it behind him but Sophie feels bad for Bella. 

She urges Bella to move on and forget about Brodie. 

Hunter tells Bella that Brodie has feelings for someone else but doesn't reveal that it's Sophie. 

Later, Brodie feels guilty for sending mixed messages to Bella and tentatively agrees to see her casually. 

Sophie worries that Brodie's moving on too fast and will hurt Bella. 

Libby and Gerald worry that Yvonne doesn't support their wedding.  They do their best to win her over but Yvonne resists.

The day of the wedding dawns but Libby's day is marred by a series of incidents that cause her to miss the registry office appointment. 

Libby is upset and Yvonne declares that the wedding was never meant to be. 

Libby calls it off but Gerald changes her mind with a heart-felt declaration assuring Libby their marriage may not have romance, but it will be based on trust that only genuine best friends have. 

A sympathetic Yvonne saves the day by calling in a friend who is a celebrant and Libby and Gerald are married with her blessing. 

Rachel gets some terrible news - her brother Jonathan has been seriously injured in a car accident in France. 

A worried Rachel organises to leave immediately. 

Callum does his best to reassure her but it's Chris that Rachel finds true comfort with, forcing her to finally admit her feelings for him. 

They kiss passionately and Rachel promises they will finally be together when she returns from Europe.


Friday 24th September  (ep4590) 

Isaac suspects that Chris has a new lady in his life but Chris refuses to elaborate. 

Wanting to keep his and Rachel's burgeoning romance a secret, Chris feels awkward when Callum wants to meet with him on a work matter. 

Chris brings Jennifer to the meeting to act as a buffer and Callum mistakenly believes that Chris is interested in Jennifer romantically. 

When Callum and Isaac swap notes they decide that Chris has already begun a relationship with new surgeon Jennifer.

Gerald hopes that Leo will get his comeuppance when Callum assigns him the duty of organising a farewell party for him. 

But Leo manages to pass the task on to eager-to-please Bella. 

Bella is impressed with Leo's willingness to take on menial tasks. 

At Gerald's farewell, Gerald warns Bella to keep an eye on devious Leo. 

Bella defends Leo and later feels justified when he praises her work and offers her the P.A. role.

Tania is hopeful of maintaining a professional relationship with Isaac despite their break-up, but Isaac makes things very difficult.

Tania runs into TK and their friendly, easy conversation raises her spirits - and her hopes. 

But Isaac's efforts cause Tania more misery and she escapes Gerald's farewell party to get some space. 

Tracey reassures that things will soon return to normal but Tania isn't sure she should bother staying in Ferndale - Gerald and Libby are about to leave and Yvonne is off to Peru. 

When Tania discovers that Maia is leaving to support a friend in Whangarei she feels abandoned by her whole family. 

Isaac cruelly rubs this in and suggests that Tania leave too. 

His arrogance is just the motivation Tania needs to make a decision. 

She defiantly tells Isaac she's staying put and goads that there's nothing he can do about it.