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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

September 13 - 17 2010

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Monday 13th September ( ep4581)

Gerald is worried that Libby will steal the Executive Assistant job from him. 

Libby is dismayed to learn that Gerald is her competition but she refuses to back down. 

Nicole senses something fishy about Libby's abrupt return.  When Callum supports Libby's job application, Gerald considers giving up. 

But Brooke reassures he still has a chance.  She tracks Libby down and admonishes her for trying to hobble Gerald's career. 

Despite Libby and Gerald's best efforts they fail to reconcile and animosity builds between them as they compete for the same job.

Wendy manages to convince Bella to change her mind and take the job at Shortland Street. 

It's obvious that Yvonne thinks she's useless and Bella wonders how she can prove herself. 

Yvonne is irked when Bella is late back from a break and she is concerned to realise the photocopier is missing. 

Yvonne finds both Bella and the photocopier in an empty exam, where Bella has taken it upon herself to familiarise herself with the machine and photocopy a report. 

Yvonne feels bad for misjudging Bella.

When he catches Sophie exiting Brodie's bedroom, Hunter mistakenly believes they have slept together. 

Brodie slept on the couch.  Dismayed, Hunter frets to Nicole who reasons that Brodie is a good match for fun-loving Sophie. 

Sophie and Brodie are set on pulling off a cocktail evening and they do.  Elated, Sophie gives Brodie a celebratory kiss. 

Brodie mistakenly believes he has a chance with Sophie. 

But he walks in on Sophie correcting Hunter's assumption and explaining that she would never consider Brodie a romantic prospect. 

Tuesday 14th September (ep 4582)

Brodie does well at hiding his broken heart and Sophie and Hunter puzzle over what has put him in such a low mood. 

Hunter sets him up with Bella.  Brodie is reluctant but when Sophie encourages him to go on the blind date, Brodie does so. 

He's surprised that he has a good time with Bella but when she wants to get hot and heavy, Brodie fobs Bella off, claiming he has a migraine. 

Rachel returns from Hong Kong, and is keen to get going with the private wing.  

Callum is worried that Rachel is going too fast.  Chris and the other staff are supportive of Rachel's plans. 

Chris is also keen to find out where Rachel stands on their 'relationship'.  Rachel wants to keep relations professional. 

However, Chris is encouraged when Isaac points out that Rachel seems keener than she's letting on. 

Later, when Rachel and Chris are having a work dinner, they relax into old familiar patterns of sexy professionalism. 

But when Rachel is cold and Chris puts his jacket around her, they both realise they've crossed a line. 

Libby and Gerald are both short listed for the Executive Assistant position.  Their friendship is sorely tested as they both compete for the coveted role. 

Post interview, Libby appears confident she's got the job, leaving Gerald in a spin.

Brooke coaches Gerald for the interview and he does well, although he gets the distinct feeling the Rachel has already made up her mind. 

Nerves run high and a fight breaks out between Libby and Gerald.

They make up and face Rachel's decision together but are shocked to learn that neither of them got the job. 

Libby confesses she came back to Ferndale because she couldn't get anyone in the USA to sponsor her for a green card. 

Gerald decides that because he has an American passport, he is ditching his P.A. job to go to work in the States. 

Libby and Gerald strike up the perfect solution to both of their problems - they announce they're getting married and moving to the US.


Wednesday 15th September (ep 4583)

Yvonne refuses to support Libby's marriage of convenience to Gerald. 

She stubbornly intends to carry on without Yvonne's blessing but Maia and Gerald convince her to try and talk Yvonne round. 

When they do chat, Libby's given pause by Yvonne's reservations - especially her warning that being married could prevent her from meeting Mr. Right. 

Libby discusses this with Gerald, insisting that they will of course be free to date other people while they're married. 

Gerald's left feeling uneasy about the degree of freedom Libby expects from their marriage. 

Fuelled by Brooke, Gerald realises that marrying Libby means far more to him that it does to her. 

Rachel opens the private wing of the hospital ahead of schedule.  She briefs doctors and surgeons, asking them to encourage patients to take the private option.  

Sarah struggles to accept the classism this creates in the hospital.  Sarah convinces a patient to stick with the public health system. 

Meanwhile, a mistake by Rachel means the hospital is admitting more private patients than there are private beds. 

She instructs Scotty to use the public beds they have in reserve.  The gamble works, until the hospital reaches capacity - with one more private patient to go. 

Maia rings Rachel, who discovers the patient is William Nugent's mother. 

Rachel insists that one of the public patients be moved to a corridor to make room. 

Sarah's ropable when she discovers David is that patient and has been forced to recover from his operation in the corridor.

Scotty and Tracey arrive back from Christchurch. 

The next day, Scotty and Tracey go public with news of their engagement, stealing Libby and Gerald's thunder. 

Chris wants to throw them an engagement party, and although Scotty agrees, he's not keen on a noisy crowd. 

At Chris's engagement party, Scotty struggles with feelings of claustrophobia and paranoia, and when Chris pops a champagne cork, Scotty hears Penny's gunshot. 

Scotty bolts from his own engagement party.


Thursday 16th September (ep 4584)

Tracey is concerned when there is no sign of Scotty, indoors or out. 

The party breaks up and Chris offers Tracey a ride home. 

Tracey is relieved to find Scotty there, and he explains that he needed a walk around the block, then just kept walking. 

He keeps the extent of his panic from her.  Tracey makes sure a busy Scotty can't avoid his counselling session, and is surprised when it runs almost an hour over time. 

Scotty thanks her for finding a good counsellor and declares that the session helped a lot. 

However, Tracey is left with misgivings when Scotty insists he feels better and only needs the one counselling session.

Tania covers her disappointment when she returns to Ferndale for Libby and Gerald's wedding, only to find that TK is away. 

Isaac is stunned to learn that Tania is back in town, and admits to Maxwell that he still has strong feelings for her. 

Maxwell recommends action, but Isaac is frustrated when he gets a cool reception from Tania.  

Isaac wonders if he can use Tania's friendship with Luke to his advantage. 

Isaac plays on Luke's sympathy, hoping he might put in a good word with Tania. 

Tania is given food for thought when Luke sings Isaac's praises.

Sarah fumes when there is no solution to the problem of finding David King a bed, and he is forced to spend an uncomfortable night parked in a corridor. 

Rachel assures Chris and Sarah that the double-booking glitch won't be repeated. 

An embarrassed Chris becomes more involved in the case of David King, who discharges himself to recuperate at home. 

Chris' aggravation grows as other public patients continue to be disadvantaged.  Callum defends Rachel against Chris' anger. 

Later, Chris is alarmed when a very ill David King is brought into the ED, having collapsed at home. 

Chris fights with Rachel over the issue, and the professional conflict turns personal when Chris accuses Rachel of hiding behind Callum in more ways than one. 

He challenges an angry Rachel to admit that she shares his feelings.  Their passionate argument takes them to the brink of a kiss.


Friday 17th September  (ep4585) 

The passionate vibe between Chris and Rachel results in a kiss which is interrupted by Wendy. 

Rachel is rattled by her feelings for Chris and she's further troubled when David King holds an interview with a reporter about being dumped in the corridor of the hospital.

Rachel is concerned about the bad press and rejects the support that Callum offers. 

Rachel tells Chris that a relationship between them would never work considering their turbulent history. 

Maxwell is concerned to learn that Ula feels she has no friends. 

Maxwell takes matters into his own hands and invites a reluctant Phoenix over to hang out with Ula. 

Ula is embarrassed that Maxwell has gone to these lengths but Maxwell insists that she try to get along with Phoenix. 

Phoenix is wary of Ula and warns that he isn't ready to forgive her.  Later, Phoenix enjoys hearing some Samoan drumming.  

He decides to do a school assignment on Samoa and Maxwell offers to introduce him to some Samoan culture, pushing Ula into helping. 

When she teaches Phoenix a Samoan dance, their friendship is restored.

A lovelorn Isaac agrees to look after Harry for the day. 

When they encounter Tania, Isaac suggests they have coffee together but, aware that Harry is keen to go to the park, Tania declines. 

Later, Isaac overhears Gerald lament to Tania and Maia that he can't afford to get the flowers Libby wants for the wedding. 

Isaac organises a very good deal via a florist mate.  Gerald is hugely grateful but Tania appears unmoved by Isaac's efforts. 

But then there is huge drama when Libby's expensive wedding ring disappears, when Isaac leaves it unattended. 

Isaac buys another ring and pretends that he found the original one.  But when the original does, in fact, turn up, Isaac is busted.

This time his generosity does win him points with Tania and she offers to buy him a coffee. 

Isaac wants more and Tania agrees to go out to dinner and even allows him to kiss her. 

However, she regrets her decision when TK returns unexpectedly to witness the kiss.