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September 12 - 16 2011

Bella, Luke and Zlata in Shortland Street on TV2

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Brooke Freeman - Shortland Street TV2

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

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Ben Mitchell as TK Samuels in Shortland Street on TV2

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Monday 12th September (4832)  

Roimata admits her hurt at TK's relief shes not pregnant.

TK reassures her that he does want a family with her but he wants to wait until he can devote himself to her and their baby fully.

Roimata accepts this but fears how long she'll have to put her life on hold because of Sarah.

Roimata confessed her feelings to TK who mentions to Callum that she's feeling neglected.

Callum counsels that TK needs to make time for his marriage as well as for Sarah and Tillie.

TK considers doing so by scaling back his commitment to Sarah but when Sarah is grateful to him for his help, he can't bring himself to let her down.

TK reassures Roimata that he's committed to her and wants to spend time at home being a normal husband. Roimatas happy with that.

Jill and Callum are still at stalemate over Mona.

Jill decides to investigate Mona's story and her suspicions grow when Mona is cagey and provides only scant details about her bad investment.

Callum finds out about Jill's investigation and disapproves but Jill is determined to save their relationship from Mona's manipulations.

Bella struggles when the beta blockers she's required to take for her Long QT make her feel lethargic and depressed.

She's also frustrated when she's molly-coddled by Murray and Wendy and treated with kid gloves by her friends.

Bella is determined to complete the report for Lana by the deadline but she's thrown when Lana asks for the deadline to be brought forward.

A tired Bella is convinced to take a break by Wendy and she's mortified when she falls asleep, losing precious time.

Bella fails to finish the report by the deadline and prepares to face Lana's wrath. But Lana is understanding due to Bellas Long QT Syndrome.

Bella despairs at the effect the beta blockers are having on her and Luke encourages her to accept that her life is different now.

However, Bella finds that she can't and, desperate for her life to go back to the way it was, she violently crushes her medication, refusing to take it any more.

Tuesday 13th September (4833) 

Bella steadfastly refuses to change her mind - she will not take the beta blockers.

Desperately worried, Wendy and Murray make Bella promise to get advice before suddenly stopping the meds.

Wendy takes hope from a confident Luke, but he's frustrated when Bella seems not to listen to reason.

Wendy and Murray resort to emotional blackmail, only angering Bella.

More concerned than ever, Luke vows to Murray that he will make it his personal mission to get Bella to take her beta blockers again.

A short notice business trip is proposed for Callum, but without Jill around, he can't leave Mona on her own.

Jill reveals to Mona that she's been investigating her debts and that she knows Mona is actually in financial trouble.

But when Jill finds an expensive looking ring in Mona's bag, she accuses Mona of having assets that she isn't using to repay her debts. 

Mona eventually reveals to Jill the true story behind the ring. It's a fake given to Mona by a corporate rip-off-artist who professed love while robbing her of her assets.

Mona's revelation helps thaw out their frosty relationship.

Callum's surprised by Jill and Mona's new friendship and they share Mona's story with him.

Callum is finally able to agree to the business trip but he's not happy with the suggestion Chris will mind the swivelly chair.

Jonathon is frustrated with Gabrielle's neglect of their relationship. Later he's pleasantly surprised when she announces she has juggled her schedule and is free to take a holiday.

Brooke has a run in with Vasa as the two go head to head over a patient at work.

When Alex shows her a new home, Brooke approves, though shes surprised he's considering buying it.

Alex declares that he is committed to their relationship and wants to stay in Ferndale.

Brooke angsts over whether she is a good enough doctor and person to deserve Alex's love.

Rachel bolsters that Brooke can live up to Alex's expectations, but Brooke finds it hard to believe.

Slowly convinced she's worthy, Brooke is delighted when Alex announces he has bought the home they looked at.

But she's totally caught off guard when Alex stages a romantic marriage proposal.

Wednesday 14th September (4834)  

Rachel is pleased when she manages to cajole Chris into filling in for Callum while he's away.

But when she reports this to Callum, Rachel is surprised when Callum reveals he's already appointed Gabrielle, pointing out that Gabrielle's surgical list is clear due to her planned holiday.

But Jonathon is frustrated to have their holiday cancelled and fears that Gabrielle wont be able to cut it in the stressful people focused position of CEO.

Chris bolsters Phoenix to treat Jasmine normally, but when he arrives at her house Jasmine is upset over Bella's decision to go off her medication.

Phoenix fears Jasmine isn't coping and he finds it impossible not to treat her differently.

This upsets Jasmine further and leaves Evan concerned.

When Jasmine looks forward to a school trip to the hot pools, Evan quickly realises that she won't be allowed to go because of her Long QT, further upsetting her.

Jasmine is furious when Wendy and Murray confirm the hot pool ban.

Phoenix makes the mistake of bringing up the hot pool trip in front of Chris and Jasmine's apparent snub leaves him re-thinking their relationship.

Bella refuses to sign the permission slip.

Reasserting control, Jasmine challenges Evan to prove he's on her side by forging Wendy's signature on her hot pool permission slip.  He concedes and sign the slip.

Brooke asks for time to think over Alex's shock proposal.

Brooke doesn't feel worthy but TK bolsters that she deserves the love of a good man.

But running into Luke reminds Brooke of how bad she is and she turns Alex down.

Brooke feels awful but Rachel reassures that her gut instinct shouldn't be ignored.

Feeling better, Brooke is shocked to discover Winston in her exam room.

Winston offers Brooke a tempting opportunity to work in Paris for a year for Tan Chee.

Alex suggests to attempt a long distance relationship, giving Brooke the green light to take the job.

But Brooke is disturbed when Winston reveals the other purpose for his visit - Tan Chee want all of Jasmine Cooper's asthma trial records destroyed.

Thursday 15th September (4835)

  Jasmine tells her parents she'll studying at the library instead of going on the school trip.

The next day, Wendy finds Jasmine's medication left at home and insists on going to the library.

Evan fears Wendy's reaction should she discover Jasmine is on the school trip.

He can't get hold of Jasmine and soon gets a call from Wendy who has been to the library and can't find Jasmine.

Evan lies and tells her Jasmine is back at home with him and Phoenix.

Jasmine eventually arrives at home before Wendy and Evan explains how he's been covering for her all day.

Wendy gets home not long after and quickly realises something is up. She's furious to find out that Jasmine went to the hot pools and Evan has been lying for her.

Brookes ethically compromised by Winston's instruction to erase evidence of Jasmine from the drug trial.

Brooke wants to tell Alex but she hesitates after he suggests they need to take a break.

Brooke tells Winston she can't agree with erasing Jasmine from the trial as its unethical.

Winston asserts that if Brooke refuses to erase Jasmine's file, she'll lose the job offer in Paris and he'll withdraw her research funding.

Brooke meets with Alex who has now has his heart set on escaping to Paris with her.

Realising this is the opportunity of a lifetime, Brooke returns to Winston and changes her mind - she will keep Jasmine's participation in the asthma drug trial secret.

Rachel's keen for Lana to keep an eye on Gabrielle while she is acting CEO.

Lana worries that Vasa may have railroaded Gabrielle in a meeting about staff.

Lana discovers that Gabrielle used money from the ED and GP services budget to give Vasa additional nursing funds and suspects Vasa has bullied her.

She then finds Gabrielle giving Zlata hospital money to buy a new front desk for Triage.

So when Rachel asks for an update on Gabrielle's progress, Lana feels duty bound to tell her about what Gabrielle's mismanagement.

Rachel approaches Gabrielle, who explains that Lana has misread the situation; she was following Callum's instructions all along.

Gabrielle calls Lana to her office and stands her down, replacing her with Zlata.

Friday 16th September (4836)

Nicole looks forward to time alone with Maxwell, and is grateful when Vinnie saves her from having to work a shift instead.

Nicole's plans for intimacy are again threatened by Ula's untimely arrival, but Maxwell gently sends her packing.

Nicole enjoys her afternoon with Maxwell, but feels sidelined when he opts out of more sex in favour of checking in at work.

Vinnie's pleased to see his cousin at last, but even he is shunned in favour of business.

Nicole goes in search of Maxwell for their dinner date, but he again blows her off.

Nicole instead has a drink with Vinnie, and when Maxwell arrives to keep Nicole happy, he's troubled to see how close they are.

Maxwell wins back her favour by promising Nicole a romantic evening.

Jasmine fumes when Wendy punishes her unfairly for sneaking to the pools and lying to her.

Murray picks up on the family tension, and when he undermines Wendy's harsh punishment, he gets an ear-bashing.

Murray tries talking to Wendy once she's cooled off, and convinces her that Jasmine needs a mother, rather than inflexible guidelines.

Wendy softens and talks to Jasmine, wishing she could help get her daughters life back on track.

She sets up a meeting with Phoenix, and is thrilled when he and Jasmine repair their friendship.
Zlata immediately sets about making a good impression on Gabrielle now she's her PA, offering to support her at a social event.

Zlata is concerned to learn there's still social stigma over Luke after Isaac framed him as a drug user.

She hopes he'll make a good impression at a DHB meet and greet, but realises his eccentricities are scaring people off.

She urges him to be more normal, and Bella takes offence.

The next day, Bella is thrown when a preppily-dressed Luke arrives at work, clearly outfitted by Zlata.

She tries convincing Zlata that Luke is fine as he is, but Zlata is sure Bella will change her mind once his makeover is complete.

Lana and Bella are stunned when Luke arrives back at work, sporting an Italian suit - and a toupee.

Lana tries to be nice about it, but Bella disapproves and Luke overhears her scathing complaint.


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