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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

September 07 - 11 2009

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Monday 7th September (ep 4326)

Hunter is impressed by Aroha's beautiful singing and apologises for his lack of faith in her.  But Aroha has taken his words to heart and decided not to pursue her singing career. 

Morgan checks that it's really what she wants.  Aroha insists that she wants to put her energy into nursing.  Aroha is chuffed to be praised by Maia and Gabrielle for her good work.

Hunter feels to blame for Aroha's decision and sets up an audition with another record producer. 

But Aroha rejects the audition. She announces that Hunter either accepts her decision or they break up.

Callum gives Kieran a 'friendly' warning to keep cafeteria standards high or lose the contract. 

Sophie senses Kieran is troubled and Kieran reluctantly reveals Callum's threat.  Sophie accuses Callum of abusing his power. 

A furious Callum accuses Kieran of sending Sophie to fight his battles.  Kieran suggests Sophie go back to school, if only for the social factor. 

Sophie can't help wondering whether it's the right thing to do.

Libby is conflicted about her decision to leave Chris's place. Gerald urges her to stick to her original plan and keep looking for a flat with him. 

Libby feels that her chances with Chris have improved when she learns that he is considering a job at Central, perhaps to distance himself from Gabrielle. 

She confides this to Yvonne, Ben and Tania and takes Ben's romantic advice to surprise Chris at the airport. 

Libby is waylaid by Gerald. She is late to the airport, missing Chris and Harry.  She is relieved to find them back at Chris's house but is devastated when Chris tells her he is in love with Gabrielle.

Chris and Gabrielle have an emotional reunion.  Libby crumples in Yvonne's arms, breaking down in heartbroken tears.


Tuesday 8th September (ep 4327)

Chris and Gabrielle are forced being together due to Gabrielle's surgical commitments.  

When Gabrielle and Libby take the lift together, Libby insists they leave any personal feelings at the door. 

Gabrielle is further rattled when Yvonne castigates Chris for flaunting his new relationship.

Hunter is at a loss as to how he can help Aroha reignite her music career.  Later, Kieran tells Hunter there is a music producer, Darius Thorn, at the bar. 

He urges Hunter to bring Aroha to meet him.  Hunter hopes it will lead Aroha to resurrect her singing career, but Maia thwarts his attempt to take Aroha to lunch early. 

Finally, Hunter hurries Aroha over to the IV to cross paths with Darius but he accidentally knocks Darius out with a door. 

Aroha and Hunter take Darius to E.D where Aroha tells Hunter she has no intention of pursuing her music career. 

Darius offers to hear her music, leaving her sorely tempted to change her mind.

Sophie ignores Kieran's words of caution about getting her hopes up over the hospital admin job. 

Callum instructs Libby to treat Sophie like any other applicant. 

Callum tells Brooke that he still wants to be with her, despite her deceit regarding Sophie and Kieran's relationship.  Brooke is hopeful that she can earn Callum's trust back. 

During the interview, Libby's questions show up Sophie's weaknesses. Sophie is convinced that Callum has deliberately stymied her. 

She challenges Callum who puts her in her place, informing her that she was being unrealistic in thinking she could ever get the job. 

Sophie vents to Kieran who can't help agreeing that Sophie was reaching too high.  Sophie is hurt by his reality check and Kieran is thrown by the resulting tantrum. 

An upset Sophie turns up on Brooke's doorstep, and Brooke is torn when Sophie seeks refuge with her.  

Sophie is appalled when Brooke hands her over to her father.


Wednesday 9th September (ep 4328)

Callum is pleased to have Sophie back at home, but Kieran turns up.  Kieran apologises to Sophie and asks her to go home with him.

The two men argue and Sophie is forced to step in, choosing to accompany Kieran. 

Callum shares how badly he feels about Sophie with Brooke, and she offers to talk to Sophie on his behalf. 

With Brooke's support, Sophie organises a meeting between herself, Brooke, Callum and Kieran and explains that she has decided to go back to school, on the condition that she is allowed to continue living with Kieran. 

Feeling lonely with Shanti away, Scotty is frustrated when he fails to reach Rebecca.  His mood tense, he has a run-in with Maia. 

Later, Maia cops verbal abuse from a homophobic patient.  She is taken aback to learn that Scotty has reassigned the patient to prevent further trouble. 

Later, Maia tries to get some time off to organise care for JJ.  Scotty thinks she is trying to get back at him because he has allowed Shanti to take leave. 

He refuses to allow her any time off.

 Chris and Gabrielle struggle to make their relationship work.  After a rocky start to their first date, Gabrielle relaxes when they start discussing surgery.

They go home to Chris's house, where Gabrielle's frankness comes to the rescue.  She suggests they go upstairs and Chris happily obliges. 

The next day, Chris comes in to the hospital and asks to rejoin the surgical roster.  Gabrielle is pleased, but worries about their relationship. 

Deciding she needs Chris on her surgical team, she explains that she cannot have a relationship with someone she works with, and shocks Chris by telling him to choose - the job or her.


Thursday 10th September (ep 4329)

Chris is thrown by Gabrielle's proposition.  He chooses the job over Gabrielle, confident he can seduce her into breaking her own rules of professional distance.

Tania is disappointed when Ben takes her to a swap meet.  As Tania grows bored, Ben worries that his date is falling flat. 

But Tania successfully haggles down a price that Ben couldn't.  Tania and Ben end up enjoying the swap meet.  Tania realises she's might be falling in love.

Daniel gives Tupac another chance at friendship. Tupac asks for money again.  Daniel refuses. 

Tupac arrives at Daniel's place with a gift, trying to get back in his good books.  Daniel warily invites him in, but catches Tupac stealing a jacket.  

Tupac reveals he's homeless, and needs the jacket for warmth at night and money for food.  Daniel offers Tupac the sleepout to crash in. 

TK is surprised to find Tupac staying, but when Daniel explains why, TK is supportive.  But Tupac's trouble-making mates crash the sleep out.

Maxwell covers a gambling blow-out with a lie about giving an Uncle money for his wedding. 

When Tracey finds Gerald struggling with a Samoan-speaking patient, she calls Maxwell over. Maxwell explains he's been lying low for fear the Samoan community will descend on ED to see him. 

Samoan relatives and friends start arriving in E.D with non-urgent problems and Tracey realises Maxwell's fears were well founded. 

Maxwell has a close call with Tracey when a patient talks about his enormous gambling losses at the casino.

To ease pressure on Maxwell, Tracey firmly redirects an elderly Samoan woman to the PCC for her gout. 

But Max vents at Tracey for upsetting a revered community elder.


Friday 11th September (ep 4330)

Maxwell apologises to Tracey for his outburst. Tracey has trouble getting over it.  

When she finishes her shift, Tracey is intercepted by Samoan patient Tafu, who insists on her help with an emergency.  

Tracey finds instead a Samoan feast prepared in honour of Maxwell's appointment as Head of ED.  Tracey is won over - until she meets an unexpected guest, Maxwell's Uncle Feleti. 

It is obvious that Maxwell lied about paying for his recent wedding. 

Libby has an uneasy encounter with Chris, who is returning to work. Maia arrives with JJ, desperate to find a sitter after another childcare problem. 

Libby reluctantly agrees to mind JJ until Maia's next break.  Maia arrives late for her shift and is chastised by Gabrielle. 

Scotty surprises her by offering to help.  Scotty is reminded how much he misses his niece and nephew, and a grateful Maia urges him not to let the rift with his sister get any wider. 

Scotty leaves a message for Rebecca offering to look after the children.

Daniel manages to get rid of Magic and his mates, but discovers that Tupac is holding a stash of cannabis for his cousin.  Tupac promises he will get rid of it first thing in the morning. 

At boxing training, the boys learn of an upcoming tournament.  TK agrees to shout tickets if they train hard.  Daniel gets talented spotted by another boxing trainer, who suggests he enter.

Daniel wants to, but TK refuses - Daniel isn't anywhere near ready. 

Two teens turn up at the sleepout wanting to buy cannabis and Daniel realises Tupac is dealing drugs.  When TK finds a stray tinnie, Daniel takes the blame rather than dob Tupac in. 

TK cancels the boxing tickets and bans Daniel from training.  Daniel secretly enters the boxing contest himself, in spite of TK's warnings.