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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

September 06 - 10 2010

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Monday 6th September ( ep4576)

Callum refuses to accept Luke's resignation or to fire Isaac.  He requests incident reports from both of them, and statements from the rest of the theatre staff.

Chris will then decide who is in the wrong.  Isaac is disappointed when Chris sides with Luke.  

Chris insists that they continue to work together.  They share a silent surgery which makes Maia and Nicole very uncomfortable. 

Maia and Nicole confide their concerns to Chris who realises that he needs to take action to remedy Isaac and Luke's working relationship.

Ula is embarrassed when Jasmine and her friends tease her for kissing Phoenix. 

She deflects negative attention away from herself by claiming that Phoenix is gay and has a crush on Evan. 

But she's mortified when her lie backfires when Evan asks Phoenix if he's gay and Phoenix appears to confirm it. 

Evan keeps his distance from Phoenix until he comes across him being bullied. 

Evan steps in, hurting his hand in the process.  Isaac checks out Evan's hand and is surprised to learn that Phoenix was bullied because he is gay.

Vasa is on her best behaviour at work after Sarah pulled her up over bullying the nurses. 

However, Nicole suspects that Vasa's change in attitude is just an act and she decides to try and prove it. 

Nicole gives Vasa a hard time but Vasa mistakenly blames Sarah for Nicole's insubordination. 

When Ula turns down Vasa's lunch offer and chooses to confide in Sarah instead, Vasa feels like Sarah is trying to take everything away from her. 

She threatens to leave and take Ula with her if Maxwell doesn't make Sarah stay away from Vasa and Ula.  

Maxwell doesn't like Vasa using Ula as a weapon against him and he calls Vasa's bluff, telling her to leave if that's what she has to do.


Tuesday 7th September (ep 4577)

Maxwell tells Sarah about his hard-line stance with Vasa, and admits his fears that he might end up losing Ula again. 

His distress is exacerbated by Ula not wanting to leave either, but his pleas to Vasa to stay fall on deaf ears. 

When he pleads to know what would make her change her mind, Vasa lightly suggests that a nursing job in a position of responsibility would make her think twice. 

Maxwell pulls some strings to get Vasa a job at Central so she doesn't have to move to Hamilton.  

Initially resentful of his meddling, Vasa can't help being touched by his efforts to keep them around.

Ula is less pleased by the news that she has to stay and face the music with Phoenix. 

Sarah also finds it hard to match Maxwell's enthusiasm for a plan that keeps Vasa in the vicinity.

Chris learns from Isaac that his first-born might be gay. 

Chris attempts a fatherly chat with Phoenix but it fails dismally, with Phoenix insisting that he's not gay. 

Meanwhile, Evan, who stuck up for Phoenix, gets in trouble for fighting and Ula feels bad that the consequences of her rumour-mongering have spread so far. 

She is encouraged by Sarah to make things right, but left mortified when she confesses to Phoenix and her apology is rejected. 

The continuing tension between Isaac and Luke comes to a head and Chris steps up to deal with it. 

The mediation gets off to a good start, but ends in a slaging match.  Chris is reluctant to waste the hospital's time and money on a professional mediator, but fears he may have no choice.

However, the prospect of Phoenix's orienteering course offers Chris a plan, and he ropes in Nicole to help. 

Chris's scheme leaves Isaac and Luke stuck in the bush together, forced to get along and use teamwork if they want to make it out.


Wednesday 8th September (ep 4578)

At the orienteering drop-off point, Isaac and Luke struggle to work together.

As Luke has more bush experience, Isaac has to give in to his knowledge. 

But when there are no markers to follow, Isaac forces Luke to take a short cut. 

They get lost, Isaac gets mild hypothermia and Luke breaks his ankle. 

Isaac refuses to leave Luke by himself and together the two of them finally make it to safety.  

Isaac and Luke have a new-found respect for each other.

Yvonne does Wendy a favour by convincing Gerald to hire Wendy's daughter, Bella, for a trial on reception. 

Bella is friendly and enthusiastic but is easily distracted and Yvonne is forced to cover up an oversight with Callum. 

Bella is grateful and later unloads her big secret - she's dropped out of beauty school but she's too scared to tell her mum.  

Bella swears a torn Yvonne to secrecy.

Feeling closer to Scotty than ever after his awful ordeal at Penny's hands, Tracey suggests that they further their commitment to each other. 

Scotty is distant and Tracey fears she's pushed him too far, too fast. 

Tracey's concerns increase when Scotty emerges all dressed up and lies to her about going to a counselling appointment. 

Tracey confides in Sarah who urges her to confront Scotty. 

On her way home to do so, Tracey stops at the bar where Brodie tells her that Scotty had lunch with the Kumars.

Tracey demands answers from Scotty and is shocked when he reveals that he wanted to get their blessing before asking Tracey to marry him. 


Thursday 9th September (ep 4579)

Dismayed she's wrecked Scotty's romantic proposal, Tracey insists they start over.  They do, and Tracey is delighted to accept. 

She wants to tell her family, but Scotty prefers they tell them in person - tentatively agreeing to head to Christchurch to do so. 

Meanwhile, they agree to keep it secret.  But this proves hard when they are unable to hide their happiness from both Chris and Sarah. 

Realising they cannot keep secrets, they head to Christchurch early. 

But Scotty freaks when confronted by the familiar feeling of claustrophobia after his emotional ordeal with Penny.

Sophie returns to Ferndale, intent on forgetting her past life - including university - and focussing her energies into the bar. 

Callum is dubious this move is wise. When Sophie presents her expensive plans to Brodie, he too worries she will run the business into the ground. 

He reports this to Callum, who challenges Brodie to find a way to make it a success.  Thinking creatively, talks up a lesser idea of Sophie's - theme nights with a mixologist.  

Sophie agrees, and the evening starts out a success, but she is hurt when Callum reveals he knew of her initial ridiculous plans. 

She calls Brodie on his loyalty issues and insists that from now on he only discuss business with her - the boss. 

Yvonne urges Bella to be honest with Wendy about leaving her beauty course. 

Working alongside Bella soon becomes unbearable for Yvonne as Bella makes mistake after mistake, for which Yvonne has to take the blame for in front of Callum. 

But when Bella refuses to take responsibility for her mistakes Yvonne can't hold her anger in check and reveals to Wendy Bella has dropped out of beauty school. 

Both Wendy and Bella are upset and Yvonne feels terrible. 

Just as she's farewelling Bella, Callum offers Bella a permanent position on the front desk.


Friday 10th September  (ep4580) 

Bella happily accepts the job at the hospital much to Yvonne's annoyance.  The next day, Bella is insufferably clueless at work.

Bella picks up that something is bothering Yvonne, and hears Yvonne's partner died recently. 

With the best intentions, Bella buys Yvonne a garish singing plastic flower to cheer her up.  Yvonne hates it and vents to Maia about how annoying she finds the flower and Bella. 

Bella overhears and is upset.  Yvonne tries to apologise but Bella insists that Yvonne is right and decides not to take the job at Shortland Street after all. 

The mixologist lights up the I.V., but Brodie takes a dislike to Dante when he behaves inappropriately with Sophie. 

Sophie assures a protective Brodie she can handle herself.  Dante gets fresh with Nicole and Brodie gladly fires him.

Sophie is left worried about how they will replace the star of the bar.  Brodie suggests he and Sophie learn to make cocktails themselves.

They head to his flat with liquor and shakers from the I.V. to practise.  They have a great time and Brodie feels a growing attraction towards Sophie. 

When Sophie is too drunk to drive home, Brodie chivalrously offers her his bed.

Brooke leads Gerald to believe destiny is calling - in the form of a new Executive Assistant position Rachel wants created. 

Callum explains he's lacking the crucial management qualifications.  But Brooke refuses to let Gerald give up, and together they explore the possibility of Gerald upskilling.

Gerald despairs that a management course costs too much but Brooke encourages him to discuss the possibility of getting funding from Callum. 

Brooke hatches her own plan, telling Callum that Gerald is thinking of leaving so he will be inclined to give Gerald the funding. 

Gerald is amazed when Callum agrees to pay half the cost of the course out of the admin training budget. 

Gerald thanks Brooke for her help with a big hug and kiss but is horrified when Libby unexpectedly arrives to find him in the arms of another. 

Gerald learns why Libby has returned - to apply for the Executive Assistant position.