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See Pua Magasiva as you've never seen him before!

Pua Magasiva in his play Sinderella

Look out, Shortland Street's Pua Magasiva (Vinnie Kruse)  is about to hit the stage in his silliest role yet.

Pua is starring as the magical Fairy F.O.B. Mother in Sinarella, a wickedly funny musical extravaganza presenter by Pacific Institute of Performing Arts and Auckland Theatre Company.

Sinarella is the vastiest (dorkiest, funniest) wannabe love story ever. Sorta like Cinderella, but a whole lot fresher man!

Featuring live music by Tama Waipara, New Zealand Idol winner Rosita Vai, 30 of the freshest singing and acting talent from the Pacific Institute of Performing Arts, brilliant dancing and funny characters, Sinarella is a wonderfully funny tale and perfect school holiday entertainment for the whole family.

Sinerella will be exploding onstage at the Mangere Arts Centre - Nga Tohu o Uenuku from April 10.

Tickets can be purchased from Auckland Theatre Company on 309 3395.

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